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Teacher Appreciation

September 29, 2006

I’m holding a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for all the wonderful people who make my life a little bit easier every Sunday morning.  I want to give them a small token of my appreciation – and when thinking more about this, I remembered something cool I once got as a teacher..

I don’t remember the specifics (if I did, I wouldn’t be asking you, dear friend..) but it was a Ziploc baggie with a little poem or saying in it along with a cheerio, Hershey kiss, and some other fun things.  The poem/writing inside indicated what each item in the bag represented to show my boss’ appreciation for me.
That was like 5 years ago and I can’t remember for the life of me what was in the bag or anything..

Can you help?  Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

By the way – when googling the topic, I found out that National Teacher Appreciation Day is October 5th!  How cool is it that my appreciation dinner was coincidentally scheduled on the 4th?!

Oh – and Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to you next week!  If you’re a teacher, do something special!


Something I learned about myself recently

September 28, 2006

We are on a bowling league with hubby’s family.  It’s really quite nice because it’s just me, hubby, his mom and his pop and they are super good people… it’s good quality family time and it’s kinda fun! (His dad bowls really well, well – he does too, I guess!)

Anyway, last week, I made a comment to my MIL that I haven’t forgotten.  It was an epiphany.  I suddenly realized something significant about myself.  Kinda neat!

I made the comment to MIL about how I tend to over-correct my ball.  Last week, my first ball was hitting all the pins on the right side of the lane, and when I’d go for the left pins, I often got a gutter ball.  (I rarely get gutter balls – but I couldn’t bowl worth squat last week).  Anyway, I told her that I tend to over-correct everything in my life – not just the second ball when bowling.  If I don’t like the way something is … I change it BIG TIME.  Or, if someone tells me something about me that I don’t like, I fix it – to the extreme.  If someone says that I don’t look good in green, well – I never wear green anymore! (Unless it’s someone I don’t care about, LOL, then they can say whatever they want and it won’t change my life at all.)

That could be why I took a very long walk yesterday with Julia in the stroller and the dog on the leash.  And, I got up 20 minutes earlier today so that I could walk to work.  Did you read my last post?  I started letting myself feel “fat and lazy” so – there I done and went fixin’ that!

Funny how a 1 minute conversation at a bowling alley with close friends can essentially change my life – even if only for the time being.

Help, I’m addicted

September 27, 2006

I can’t stop eating sweets. It drives me absolutely crazy that hubby goes down to our little mini-gym in the basement and runs on the treadmill for half an hour while I munch my ice cream and licorice.

I’m growing to be very fat and lazy and he’s becoming a young stud again.

Help, I need therapy for my sweet tooth. I  just can’t get enough of the sugary goodness.


September 26, 2006

I’m so sick of poop.  Here-in this post contains TMI. Enter at your own risk. (more…)

Please do

September 23, 2006

Please blogroll me with my new ‘do! I’ve let down my guard and have taken all the necessary precautions I can possibly take to ensure that all hell does not break loose when my mommy finds out that I write about her. (LOL – for goodness sakes, I’m a grown woman, right?!)

If she finds me, it was meant to be that way and I can honestly say that I took all the steps I could think of to protect her feelings this time (unlikethetimewhenipostedmydad’sphotofrom

POW – I wanna be back in your blogrollies… pleaaaase???

I’m a Christian

September 21, 2006

It’s natural that the statement “I’m a Christian” likely gives you a gut feeling. Either good or bad, you probably have a standard reaction when you hear those words, especially from someone you might not know all that well.

What do you think when I tell you that I’m a Christian?

Does it bother you that I had my 9 four-year-old students say that with me out-loud today during our “worship” time in class? (It’s a Christian preschool!)


For the first time today, I followed my heart on this and decided to really ACT like a Christian. Before today, I always kinda whizzed past “worship” time with my class, trying to teach them about God in a very P.C. way – being sure to let them know that they will someday understand how to make their own choices and make up their own minds about their beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with that – that’s a very responsible way to be a teacher.

But today, I finally got to experience what it feels like to let all the politics and “should”s go out the window and just teach the kids what I know. I introduced them to JELLY – my special puppet who sleeps in the closet an awful lot. Jelly told the kiddos that he is a child of God and that he believes all of them are children of God as well. The kids loved Jelly and prayed with him that God would continue to live in our hearts and minds everyday so that we can grow up to continue to share the glorious story of Jesus and the Bible.

I can’t help but wonder if some parents would be mad if they had the chance to listen in on my special time of worship with their kids. Yeah, it’s a Christian preschool and the parents are well aware that we teach the kids from the Bible a lot – and on Wednesdays we actually walk down to the church’s chapel and hear a short sermon from the Pastor. But, I also know that at least one of my kiddos is only attending this preschool because it is one of the best in town – as far as improving children socially and preparing them academically for kindergarten. I also happen to know that this family has a foundation in the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

But, how can I honestly call myself a Christian if I’m not willing to take risks and actually act like a Christian. I want all these kids to learn about the enormous love that God shows us every day, especially through the story of his son, Jesus Christ. I don’t want any of them to miss out on it – and I want them all to be believers… I kind of feel like that’s my duty as a Christian educator – that I should be expected to teach children about Jesus. And, shouldn’t it be BECAUSE OF the children who don’t have the solid Christian family at home that I should be even that much more motivated to teach them about the love of Christ?

It feels like I’m finally getting it. I’m aware of the comfort zones – and I know that teaching kids some things about Christianity are very taboo (When is it appropriate to tell kids that their sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus?). But, I think that makes me all that much more qualified to be in this wonderful position where I have the freedom to share with the world the story of Christ. I can do it professionally and I can still pay attention to some of the politics involved and I will always be sensitive to the needs and wants of a family – but I’m also understanding how truly blessed I am to be a trusted CHRISTIAN adult in the lives of these children. What responsibility!

There’s a lot going on around here…

September 19, 2006

Just when I think things are going to slow down, I get smacked right in the face with more craziness!

The good news: My friend Angela just had her twin baby girls on Friday! They came into the world a month early, but are completely healthy.  Gabrielle and Victoria were each 5 pounds and a handfull of ounces.  Awww!

The bad news: Also on Friday, my husband’s grandmother passed away.  Well, she was his grandfather’s wife – but they had been married ever since he was a baby, so she might as well be his grandmother.  It was a quick passing from cancer – starting in the lungs and finally taking over her liver.  This is not an easy time for hubby’s family.

The good news: Julia is in full-swing potty training mode. She loves to sit on the potty if we offer her a good book (hehehe) and she’s gone both number 1 and 2 on the pot now!  It’s so fun to watch her “get it” – and now her favorite thing isn’t flushing anymore… it’s celebrating!  Maybe that WAS the last bulk package of di.a.pers we’ll ever have to buy!

The bad news: Because of the death in the family, hubby will be gone at the end of this week. He will go with his family to Indiana where services will be held.  That means I have to play “single mommy” on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Ugh – no good!

The good news: Hubby is going in for a second job interview sometime soon.  If he gets this new job, everybody around here will be a little happier.  He’ll be closer to home and no more EVIL WRETCHED pager that he would be chained to 24/7.  🙂 Pray with me on this, will ya?

The bad news: If he gets the new job, Julia’s schedule/routine will change.  Besides the usual difficulties in the task of changing a routine – her hours in childcare will also change.  I’ve always said that I wanted my kid(s) in daycare as LITTLE as possible.  She just went to Part time care recently – and if he gets this new job, she’ll go back to Full time.  Ack.

The good news: Julia will be getting her speech evaluated for development.  Because of her chronic ear infections, we believe that her speech may have been effected.  Luckily, the county does assessments for free – and they come to your home to do them.  The lady will be by some time this week to evaluate Julia.

The bad news: Well, something might be wrong with Julia’s speech development.  I’m sure that if there is anything wrong, that it can be corrected fairly easily with therapy since she is still so young … but nobody wants to hear about a developmental delay.

The good news: I have lots of good news, just can’t think of one right now. But, I refuse to end the post on a bad note.  So there ya go!

I want I want I want!

September 17, 2006

I want more time, I want more talent (html and psp and all that other FUN geek stuff), I want more patience, and I want more sleep! OH – and I want great pictures!

Julia had her 2 year pictures done today. The appointment was scheduled a MONTH ago at Penny’s.  I’ve been so excited and couldn’t hardly stand the wait until this morning – when we finally got to go in.  Her Grandpa’s wife bought her some really sweet clothes at Carters while they were out here, and she wears them perfectly.

Unfortunately, Penny’s was very disappointing.  I’ve always said that, with portraits, you get what you pay for – and I’ve also said that Penny’s has great photos but horrible service, but that the cheap packages (with BUTTLOADS of pictures) is worth the snotty people and long waits.

However, this was the last time we’re going to Pennys for our pictures.  We got there 20 minutes before the mall even opened, five minutes after the portrait studio opened, and we were the second family to arrive.  The appointment was at 9:10 – we got there at 9:05, and still – we had to wait 30 minutes before going into the studio.  We were greeted by a tired young lady who didn’t seem to have much patience.  She tried for a very long time to get Julia to smile … unfortunately, she tried the same tired thing over and over and over and over again – and Julia just didn’t think it was that funny.

The photographer finally stepped out after she said she was done, and Rich was able to get Julia to crack a smile.  But, the grouchy lady came back and said “sorry! That’s it for today” and we were invited to view the pictures that she was able to take … three sorry pictures of a very bored little girl. (Not crabby, not hungry, not tired… just BORED).

“NO, Thanks!” we said and scurried away – not even stopping at the desk to schedule a re-shoot for another day, as was her suggestion.  We shopped around there at the mall for a great place to go  – but all the other studios were too expensive.

I was NOT going to give up.  My little girl was dressed absolutely adorably and for once, she was in a very good mood on picture day. She got a good nite’s rest, a great breakfast, and was feeling hunky-dorey.  I was not going to settle.  So, off to another mall we went, where we found the photo studio of our dreams.

We got to pick up to four poses (out of something like 40!!) and bought a wonderful package for a very reasonable price.  The photographer was fun, energetic, and spent a good 30 minutes or so playing with Julia while snapping the cutest pictures.

I wanted to go back to Penny’s and shove our “Platinum Member” card up their bootys.  Instead, I’ll just be happy with our change …

I always get what I want, and great pictures for a decent price was NOT too much to ask.

Running Circles

September 16, 2006

Photo Sharing – Upload Video – Video Sharing

Birthday Footage

September 15, 2006

Julia might not want to blow out her birthday candle, even with threats like “It’s going to burn Elmo!” (thanks, Aunt Christal) and incentives like, “Do you want ice cream??” LOL – the whole family wanted her to blow that candle out.. the footage doesn’t even show the other four times that the candle was lit because someone other than Julia blew it out. Maybe my dad is right, he says “That’s a three year old thing.” Yep, maybe next year.

She might not be able to blow out her candle, but she can sure shake her booty and sing to KT Tunstall. This is her absolute favorite song – she’s already a rock star! (The footage doesn’t show that she’s doing this in front of the television, which isn’t even on. She loves to see her own reflection in the TV). The microphone isn’t even plugged in, but she’s still a star performer. *Beaming with Pride*All together now… “awwwww…”