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A post about our weekend

October 30, 2006

I’ve got a wonderful post that needs to make it’s way from my head and my heart down through the fingertips and into the keyboard.

We had an awesome weekend.


Know what I’ve been doing lately?

October 27, 2006

It’s quite fun! I have a new hobby!  I’ve been clicking someone from my blogroll and then clicking someone from their blogroll and someone from theirs and so on and so on!  I’ve been finding some really awesome blogs out there. I wish I was organized and patient enough to take the time to write these down.  Instead, I just leave them a comment and hope they return to leave me one so it’ll be easy to blogroll them.  How lazy, right?

Know what else is going on?  I’m totally going away!!  I’m soo excited.  It’s only a weekender, it’s only 4 hours away but it’s AWAY!  As in, AWAY FROM HERE!  Whooot!  The best part?  I’ll be with hubby bubby and we get to play hubby and wife.  Sure, I’ll miss Julia – terribly – I probably won’t know what to do without her.  But, I can already feel the therapy that will naturally take place when hubby and I are exploring the streets of St. Louis all by ourselves!

Did you say that I AM gettin’ old? OH Zip!

October 26, 2006

Okay folks – it’s fo shizzle.  I just spent some time enjoying the Urban Dictionary and have learned that my previous assumptions of Oh Snap were a bit off.   I really enjoyed learning about the language from this other culture of sorts.
Can you think of some other slag, or urban language that you think I might not know?  If you leave a word or group of words in the comments, I promise to try and guess their meaning without looking it up first. 🙂

Oh Snap, I’m getting Old

October 25, 2006

Please excuse my language, but I had no idea that SNAP is now a bad word for four-year-olds.  Or maybe it’s just sassy/snotty and easily inappropriate?

I just learned a few days ago that the new ‘thing’ to say is “Oh, Snap” instead of Oh crud, oh crap, oh shoot, oh shit, or oh darn, or oh yougettheidea.

Am I getting old?

Soldier Update

October 24, 2006

R Price is facing procedures to have schrapnel removed from his heart.  If it can not be done one of two less-intrusive ways, he faces open heart surgery tomorrow.  Please pray about this with me.  I feel so sorry and helpless for his awesome family.

Hitting Home

October 20, 2006

Our church started a mission project in August. We are sponsoring two soldiers in Iraq. We are a fairly big church (150+ people per service, two services every Sunday). We held a special ceremony between services in August one Sunday where we dedicated our mission to one of the church families – the Price family. They are “members” of our church and the man of the household was getting deployed to Iraq in a matter of weeks. During our special ceremony, we committed – as a church – to support his whole troop with care packages and mail on a regular, on-going basis. We had a schedule of when things would be collected and sent out and the whole church was involved (Mission Ministry, Youth Ministry, (my) Children’s Ministry, etc.) Shortly after this commitment, my step-brother was sent to Iraq and we took his troop on as well. So, as a church – we are sending packages and letters/drawings of support to two troops…

R. Price has been injured. I don’t have the words to describe what this is doing to me. He has three children and a wife – all of whom attend our church and are involved in the life and growth of our community.  He has been in serious condition – the shrapnel cannot be removed, because removal of it might cause more damage.  He has a collapsed lung and has developed pneumonia.

All I can picture is him at the stage during that dedication ceremony. He was in tears and we surrounded him in prayer. It was moving. It was emotional. It was sad.

He was gone for two months. Now, he’s in Georgia. His wife cannot be with him right now because the military won’t allow her to until R. indicates that he “NEEDS” her. Whoa -the thought of this just makes my eyes water. I can’t imagine being his wife. She is saying in her emails that she just wants to see his “flesh and blood” so that she can know … really KNOW… that he is okay. I weep for her. In her latest e-mail, she sent a picture of R. in uniform. I lost it. I can hardly see through the tears as I’m typing.

My step-brother has been in Iraq since September. I don’t hear from him, but my step-mom passes on his short and quick e-mails to me. I don’t know him very well, my dad married his wife in June 2005 and step-bro and I never did spend any significant amount of time together, really – except at family gatherings. But, the news of R. Price and his family is starting to make me ache for news from my step-brother. I never realized what living the life of a “military wife” or “military mother” would be like until now. I always suspected the hardship … especially since my own brother was almost deployed over there … but I never did experience anything like the sorrow that comes with knowing someone who has just been injured in war.

I have no other words – I don’t know where I was going with this.

Just pray for R. Price and his wife and kids – and pray for my step-brother and his mom. Prayer is powerful.

Deal, or No Deal

October 20, 2006


We moved out here to KS because Rich’s job was a sinking ship (with MCI, formerly Worldcom, formerly MCI). It’s not that he would have been let go – in fact, he survived round after round after round after round after…. of layoffs. But, his group was slowly deteriorating and he did the smart thing – shopped around for options.

We joked that we should move closer to the In-Laws – that KS wouldn’t be such a bad place to live – that it would be really COOL to get away from my family.

Then, the opportunity came up and we stopped joking about it and started talking seriously about it – and tried as we might – couldn’t help but get excited about the prospects.

I think it was literally like ONE MONTH from the time he got hired on out here to his moving date. Talk about jumping ship QUICKLY. I was doing in-home childcare … I needed to give notice to my clients, sell the house, pack up our lives and get the hell outta dodge.

Rich moved out here 3 weeks before I did. Those were 3 very long, hard weeks. It’s almost been a year – Julia and I treked across the states on October 30 of 2005.

Our house hadn’t sold (it was horrible seller’s market anyway) and our lives were in limbo. I landed a great job at a really terrific daycare out here where my SIL works. I jumped through all necessary hoops to get the job (which required a high level of security clearance since it was with the FAA) and had a start date. (Well, kinda – I mean, I had a start date at a different lame-chain daycare – which was good enough for me, until I learned that this other job was way better and I could work with SIL while having Julia in my own class.. yadda yadda) anyway..

We had to live with dear MIL and FIL for a while… a long while … Three Freiking Months. LOL they are great people. I love them – especially my MIL. But, I don’t care how great the people are … once you start putting two families under one roof (with a toddler) things start to get very cramped very quickly.

Anyway, with prayer, our house sold quicker than we ever thought it would. In fact, we go the call from our realtor saying that there was a good offer on the house the same day I had a miscarriage. (Well, I miscarried on Thanksgiving day – but I knew I was going to … I found out a couple of days before turkey day and the offer was made that Wednesday.)

We were going to build a house. We already had our land picked out and our house picked out and we even put down a deposit and signed some papers. But, the developer didn’t want to build THAT house on THAT land – so the deal fell through. Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers, right? Yeah – turned out to be a very good thing.

We found this house, made an offer …. and obviously, moved in shortly there-after. (Though moving in when the residents hadn’t quite moved out yet was pretty awkward … that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

So that’s how we got here. Now, a year later – things are changing some more!


Meme – books!

October 19, 2006

My darling book-reading buddy, Garnie, tagged me with this fun meme!1) One book that changed your life:
The Purpose Driven Life  I read this one years after it came out and was a big deal.  I finally figured … what the heck, I’ll see what all the fuss is about.  It changed my life.  I quit my job working buco-bucks – salary position, working from home, setting my own hours … because I finally realized I wasn’t living my life with purpose.  Thanks, Rick Warren.

2) One book that you’d read more than once:
The Holy Bible – Because our walk in faith is constantly changing, so can our understanding of the Bible.

3) One book you’d want on a deserted island:
The Holy Bible

4) One book that made you laugh:
The Bean Trees – I HAD to read this book for my senior comprehensive exam in college before I could graduate.  I hated that there were seven books on my MUST read list.  I never liked reading any of the required books – but always loved reading outside the must-read lists.  However, this book was so cute and so well written – it really made me appreciate the English Department at CU!

5) One book that made you cry:

Yikes – I feel like I’ve been put on the spot!  I can’t think of one at the moment.

6) One book you wish you’d written:
An Autobiography – Maggie T. – you see, there is no link to that book because it was never written!

7) One book you wish had never been written:
A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (supposedly). What a farce. Great story. But what a snake he was to lie about it all being an honest memoir. Bah.

Garnie, I second that!

8) One book you’re currently reading:
Memoirs of a GeishaIt’s slow-going just because of time constraints.  But, I’m getting one or two pages in a day because I’m so into it!
9) One book you’ve been meaning to read:
Hmm.. how do I pick just one?  I’ve been meaning to read all the ones from our book club, LOL!

10) Tag five people:
Okay, if you want to do it, the first five peeps are now tagged!

Is my toddler nocturnal?

October 18, 2006

Dear Julia,

Don’t you get it?  You’re supposed to SLEEP in the middle of the night.  No amount of excuses (“drink!” “potty!” “I skared”) are going to convince us to let you party it up at 3am.

Your mom and dad need their sleep, too.  And we don’t get naps like you do.   In fact, you know what!?!?!  NO MORE NAPS FOR YOU MISSY!

Whew – I’m tired -and when I’m tired I’m cranky.



My overdue post about the weekend

October 17, 2006

Busy busy busy – thats all you’re used to hearing around here, right?

But, I’ve gotten better.  I’m now taking more time out for myself, my family, my hobbies, my books, me me me me! 🙂   I spent some of this past weekend resting, playing, enjoying myself, and some of it working (of course).   I figure .. what doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done and who cares!  (Yeah – well, then Sunday rolls around and that whole philosophy goes right out the door, blech.)

Anyway – it was a weekend to remember.  Rich took half the day off work and when I got off, we cruised up to The Legends where we were to meet our buddies who were out all the way from good ole’ Ca-doe-wadoe.  My friendship with Garnie started waaaay back in 1996 – when she and I were both much different.   … we were different from each other and different from who we are now.  Our differences made us stick together, I think, because even though we were so different, we were still so much alike.  Confused?  You’d have to have a friendship like it to understand.

Anyway, more than ten years later, we still wuv each other – making Garnie my oldest friend ever.  That is to say, she’s been there with me through lots of crap and there’s nobody else I know now (as in, regularly ‘talk’ to, share experiences, visit with) that I’ve known longer than her.

We’ve lived very parallel lives – even though nobody would ever suspect it having met us separately.

Rich and I are trying to make friends out here in KS – and I’d have to say that we’re not doing to bad.  But, good friends that last 10+ years just don’t come around that often.  And, sometimes – they’ll be in your life and you won’t even know it until 5 years later.

~~~~ I digress. ~~~~

Saturday was a good day for chores and gettin-stuff-done.  I had a sense of total PEACE Saturday morning – I know it’s weird, but I felt so alive, so perfect on Saturday.  Julia was on my shoulders  at Walmart while hubby and I meandered around the store getting stuff for the house, for Julia, for work…  We were all laid back and it was nice.  Then, we came home and I worked while Julia watched “Doggies!”  and then we went to the Outback with SIL, BIL and their kiddos.  All in all, it was a very good day.

Sunday brought mixed emotions.  First service at church ran smooth and easy … second service I was a complete wreck.  After church, I was totally bummed about the way second service turned out and I almost let it get me into a slump.  It made me remember WHY there’s no time for play during the week … the more I prepare for Sundays, the better Sundays flow…

I was bummed, but then we went out for some good Chinese and it was all good again. And, of course, after lunch on Sundays – it’s … NAPTIME!
Sunday night, we went to MIL’s for homemade pizza (she makes it SO good!) and then we came home and I gave Julia a batch and we played in the tub (which seemed like FOREVER, we were having so much fun!)

Note to mommies out there:  The bathtub finger paints – not so great.  Goopy, clumpy and hard to paint with.  However, the crayons are a total blast! (great for drawing mustaches, beards, fun eyebrows, etc.)  And, I highly recommend the color tint tablets … blue and red make purple!  Hehehe – I love bath time.

Alas, today is Monday.  Tomorrow, I’m supposed to take my preschool class to the pumpkin patch -but it’s going to be super muddy and probably wet.  We’ll see how that goes.

… And now back to beautiful moments with the hub and kiddo as I continue to live out my American dream.