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13 Things

December 29, 2006

1) I got season One of Lost on DVD for Christmas. I asked for it because I’ve heard alllllll the hype, and we had never seen a single episode.  Seems like just about everybody I know is addicted to it.  We’ve had it for 2.5 days now and have already seen 5 episodes (we’re on the second cd already!) … that’s five hours of television in three days.  That’s crazy. Santa, I want to change my want-list. Wait no, lemme keep it – I GOTTA see what happens next.

2) Rich has the whole week off!  He took the week between Christmas and New Years off. His aunt is in from outta town – he hasn’t really seen her on his days off (that I know of?) but it was a good excuse to take time off anyway.  It’s been SO NICE having him around when I get off at 1pm.  Gives us more time for watching the boob tube. (Ugh, what a delightfully sinful waste of TIME!)

3) Julia’s three favorite things are (a) the color purple (b) mac & cheese and (c) cheeseburger.  Or, maybe those are just her three favorite things to say.. her favorite words.

4) Why is it that when you give our dog a minty bone to help with the disastrous dog-breath, it turns her farts into nuclear bombs?  Eeeew.  I want the dog-breath back, please.

5) Working with 4/5 year olds is always challenging.  It’s physically challenging, mentally challenging, and even emotionally challenging.  Everyday.  Really – it is!   Especially right after Christmas when their routines are screwed up, they’ve been spoiled for nearly a week, and they’re overstimlated by all the gizmos and gadget and excitement. (yawn.. can I quit my job yet?)

6) Tomorrow is trash day. I can’t wait.  It’ll be like a big, exciting celebration around here.  A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned out the fridge. We forgot to set the trash out that day 😦 Eeew.  Last week, the guys never picked up our trash – we still aren’t sure why (the bill got paid and everything!).  Today is supposed to be trash day, but since the holiday was on a weekday – everybody got pushed back a day so they’re coming for it tomorrow.  I really can’t wait.  I’m very excited.

7) Julia got a babydoll some babydolls for Christmas.  One came with the big gift we got her (stroller, playpen, carseat, etc etc etc) then her aunt got her one, we bought her a strawberry shortcake doll, a dollie came with another toy and she already had three or four dolls around the house.  It’s very confusing at bedtime now – she cries for a certain baby and we have to break the code: you want the baby with the binkie? you want the one that smells like strawberries? you want the one that goes potty? you want the big one? the little one? Just tell me which freikin dollie you WANT!  The other night, it was “the binkie baby” – the one that takes a pacifier.  Gah – we’re going to start a new routine where all the dollies will sleep in their playpen by her bed – and they’ll all be together (hence, put away) and she’ll see them in the morning. Wish us luck on that one.

8) Christmas was exhausting for us.  Our church had a Christmas Eve Eve Candlelight service on Saturday, two regular “high church” services on Sunday morning and two more candlelight services  Sunday night.  Rich and I worked all five services – spending our time in the church ‘nursery’ with the babies.  It was exhausting.  I’m glad it is over.  Sorry, but I am.

9) Christmas morning was fabulous. Julia is absolutely hilarious and fun.  Christmas was never Christmas before we had her … she really is such an important part of our family.

10) We are in the midst of cleaning our garage out.  It was hideous for a while there – not even a path to walk through.  Between the trash, baby items (high chair, etc) and the firewood – it’s impossible to get from one end to the other.  I’m excited and scared about the prospects of a roomier garage.  Freecycle and Ebay and TrashMan, here we come! (Oh, I just remembered all the unpacked boxes that are probably still out there too from when we moved in here a year ago.)

11) We moved in here a year ago. That’s weird.  I guess it was a year ago today, even!  Doesn’t seem like it it.  In the past year, we’ve repainted the master bedroom, tore up carpet and put down hardwood floors, repainted Julia’s room, added pretty stickers, put up some drywall downstairs (in what will someday be a luxurious playroom) and bought a bazillion dollars worth of household items, including a new, rather large, dining room table.  It’s been fun!  We still need to finish the basement (hah, like that’ll EVER happen) and get a fence for the backyard. Someday we’ll hardwood floor the extra bedroom, too – and the kitchen. We also need to replace the carpet in the living room…  Ahhh – will it EVER end??

12) My mother sent us a blank check for Christmas.  Wasn’t that nice? (facicious) She wrote in her card, “Buy me something nice for yous”  and that was that.  What does that mean?  We wrote it out for $100 and then cashed it after I consulted with her on it … but I’m still so confused about it all.    I don’t understand her at all – I don’t think I ever will.

13) Do dishes and laundry multiply while we’re out of the house?


Show off (again)

December 20, 2006

I’m still not smart enough to embed videos…  what’s my problem?

Oh well, you can go here if you want to see amateur footage. Julia and I had the day off today, and I’ve enjoyed spoiling her a little big (hold me? okay! paint? okay! eat? okay! chocolate? okay – but only if mommy gets some, too Elmo? okay!)

Here’s her latest monet.

What about me? (I’m jealous and bitter)

December 19, 2006

Everybody is pregnant… except me!  Yesterday, I learned that another friend of mine from church is expecting.

1) Chelle

2) Jen

3) Val


5) Kristen

6)  Marci

7)  Garnet is trying (I bet she gets there before me!)

I know that there’s more – but it’s giving me a headache.  Congratulations to all you preggers women.  The world is going to be 7 times luckier in 12 or less months because of you all.  When is it MY TURN!   Day 17 – 2ww

(I keep forgetting that I so DO NOT want to be preggers right now…  August plus 9months+ is not sounding all that fun.   Gimme baby dust in two more months, k?)

Show Off

December 17, 2006


Things to do

December 16, 2006

There are a hundred other things I should be doing than trying to update my blog.  Such things include:

  • Finishing Christmas shopping
  • Doing Christmas cards (why is this such a big chore?)
  • Unpacking the car from last Sunday (whoa, it’s almost Sunday again, already)
  • Packing the car for this Sunday
  •  Sweeping, mopping, and vaccuuming the floors
  • Cleaning basement – preparing it for construction
  • Cleaning out garage – preparing it for walking room (A path from the house door to the outside door would be nice)
  • exercising (I think the holiday pounds are already accumulating)
  • laundry (You’d never believe the mountain of laundry that needs to be folded and then put away.. I could show a picture but that would be embarrassing)
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

Back to work!  Pictures coming soon – as I procrastinate, I’m enjoying going through some of the ol’ digital photos. I’ll post some soon’ish.

On my mind

December 6, 2006

I have four things on my mind:
1) KS does vehicle registration WAY different than Colorado.  We have to renew ours every December because our last name begins with “T” ..weird.  Anyway, I received the stickers for two of three of our vehicles, and not for the third vehicle.  I called and called and came to the conclusion that it was stolen.  BLAH.  Now, I have to get a police report to get new sticker for my plates.  What a pain.

2) Julia fell asleep on the floor upstairs while I was downstairs cleaning the office. It was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.  Was I really gone long enough that she felt she needed to curl up and fall asleep? I was only gone for about 7 minutes. I hated seeing her all curled up trying to stay warm – asleep on the FLOOR in front of her toys.  But, I loved picking her up and having her cuddle me on the way to her bed. Aww…

3) I’m playing hookey today.  I’m so ready to win the lottery or something so I can quit my daycare job and be a stay at home wife and mommy.   I’m all about traditional husband/wife roles – I want to put dinner on the table for hub every night (maybe if I had to do that, I’d be a better cook?)  Oh well.

4) I HAVE to plug air1Air1 is so great.  I love Air1.  I listen to Air1 all the time.  No, I’m not getting paid for this advertisement.  I just really really like Air1.   It’s alternative Christian rock.  Its awesome. Thank you, Air1.

One word answers

December 6, 2006

Passed on from Garnie

1. Yourself: Procastinating

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): Working

3. Your hair: short

4. Your mother: Alcoholic

5. Your father: Provider

6. Your favorite item: Fishtank

7. Your dream last night: (blush)

8. Your favorite drink: Water

9. Your dream car: working

10. The room you are in: Office

11. Your ex: who?

12. Your fear: baby-hurt (ok, two words – so what?)

13. What you want to be in 10 years? Owner

14. Who you hung out with last night?  Hubby

15. What you’re not? Lonely

16. Muffins: blueberry

17. One of Your Wish List Items: forks (lol – long story)

18. Time: short

19. The last thing you did: blog

20. What you are wearing: slippers

21. Your favorite weather: Snow

22. Your favorite book: this

23. The last thing you ate: chocolate

24. Your life: amazing

25. Your mood: unmotivated

26. Your best friend: Hubby

27. What are you thinking about right now? working

28. Your car: Vue

29. What are you doing at the moment? Meme (DUH?)

30. Your summer: exciting

31. Your relationship status: Hitched

32. What is on your TV? Grinch

33. What is the weather like? Sunny

34. When is the last time you laughed? minutes

Guilt, ugh

December 3, 2006

Why do I do this to myself?  Last night, we had that freezing cold wedding ya know – and we went with half-intentions of having fun.  We knew it was going to be freezing cold and we knew it would be somewhat miserable – but I also knew deep down that it was going to be fun.

Julia got to play with her cousins at her auntie’s house while we were out.  I felt good about leaving her – it’s nice to have some alone time with hubby every now and then (it’s healthy to do that, too, ya know).  Plus, I loved that we could use Julia as a perfect reason to come home by 9:30.

The wedding was pretty, and thankfully short.  What I liked most about it was that I got to stand next to a good friend and watch her get married.  Aftewards, we went to eat.

It was 8:45 when we FINALLY got our table at Buca De Beppo.  Needless to say, when 9:30 rolled around, I had to call Julia’s auntie and let her know that we weren’t making it back before bedtime and that she could go ahead and lay her down and we’d get her in the morning.  I was excited about the prospects of sleeping in, but I knew that I would dread the morning when I’d wake up without Julia there.

Sure enough – I lost sleep because here I was in my cozy home without our precious daughter.  I knew she was safe, I knew she was happy, I even knew that if we had went to get her last night that we’d be doing more harm than good by waking her up and ruining her routine and happy bliss that she had going on with her cousins there.

But, when the clock finally chimed 7 and little Julia still hadn’t run into our room to wake us up, I felt awful.  And now, I can’t wait to go get her. I want my baby back.
What do I do this to myself?

WTF? Ice from the sky?

December 1, 2006

Ok, seriously! Ice storms? Never in my life have I seen an ice storm. I’m from Colorado. It rains in the spring, snows in the winter. Like, real snow. Big flakes, Snow balls, snow men, snow up to your knees.

Ice falling from the sky? Doors on cars FROZEN SHUT? That’s just mean!