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Hard to say no to free stuff

February 28, 2007

Christine over at Mommy Matters recently posted about Winzy – a fun search engine that actually gives back to the community.  I wasn’t convinced to join up until she won an Ipod.  I figured, what the heck – so I signed up and have been trying it out.  So far, the search results are comparable to google, and I haven’t noticed a lot of spam or anything. (Though, when I signed up I used an old email address that I always use for stuff like that…  for things that might end up getting annoying in the long run.)

I’ve been using it as my primary search engine and have been winning some Winzy Points.. which apparently are good for entries into the end-of-the-month drawing for the big prize.  I think I saw on there that March’s prize will be $500.  Hard to pass that up, I think.

If you wanna try it – leave me a comment and let me know how you do.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I win anything cool or whatnot.

Hat tip to Christine –  It’s always hard to pass up free stuff.


Feeling Pregnant

February 27, 2007

I’m feeling pregnant now!  This is very exciting for me.  I was hoping to be feeling more pregnant – and I got my wish. (Uhh… be careful what you wish for?)  I’m officially moody, hungry, and tired ALL THE TIME.  Also, one sniff of some random smell will send me running to toss some cookies.  And it literally will be cookies, too (or some other sweet), because that’s likely what I last ate.  My boobies are sore, and I could even almost swear that I feel the little peanut already – though many of my potential readers might call me a liar as I’m only like 10 weeks along.   (Hey, if it’s just gas … then add that to my list of prengnancy symptoms, too!  Well, heh, go ahead and add it anyway.)

Oh, and in class today, one of my five year old students said, “Miss Maggie!!!”  I looked over at him, and he was pointing at me.  I naturally turned around to see what he was so excited about .. thinking he was pointing behind me.  As we lost contact he said again (more enthusiastically) “Miss Maggie!  Ms. Maggie… loook!” and he was more eagerly pointing.  I got kinda excited about whatever it is he was excited about and said ‘what, connor?’   …. he gestured gain to my body and gave me the eyebrow raise, insinuating the obviousness of his concern. “What, Connor???”    He finally said, “Look!   Your belly is already so huge!  It’s growwwwing!”

Ah, I love working with kids.  If it was anybody over the age of 10 making that remark, I would have spent the rest of day in resentment and depression.  But, instead, I strutted around with my flab hanging out, my hand appropriately positioned on the small of my back – making groaning sounds about how sore my growing belly is already.

heh heh heh

Kids are cute.

In other news, I’m happy to report that hubby has been working hard and we now have a bathroom in our unfinished lower level of the house.  The bathroom happens to be located right smack next door to this here office.  The office, which happens to include our second refridgerator.  The fridge, which happens to be stocked with girl scout cookies and sprite, is located in arms reach to where I am sitting.  Ooops – wait, that was last month, I forgot that the cookies have been long gone.  Anyway, my point is that all I need is a lounge chair, a fluffy pillow, a really good book, a million bucks so I can quit my jobs, and I’ll never have to get up again.

Wait, that wasn’t my point at all.  My point is that I can walk 15 steps to the potty now. Which is so convenient since I’m prengnant and all.  I used to have to go up two flights of stairs and down a hallway to get to the nearest potty.  Not anymore! Helloooo new toidy!

What else is going on?  Let’s see…

Oh yes, I talked to a longtime friend of mine on the phone last night.  She’s gonna pop any day now.  I wish she had a blog – she really needs one.  Maybe I’ll bug her about that when the baby is born.  She used to be a co-worker of mine, when I worked at my last job – but she has sense packed up home and moved with her hubby to a state very far away (on a coast, somewhere!) and I hadn’t talked to her since before she left.  She sent a picture of herself – she’s lookin real good in her 9+ month.  I was so excited to talk to her, I am so happy for her, and after the hour+ conversation, I hung up and felt so sad that she’s gone.  I want her back!


OK well I’m tired and cranky and hungry. There are no cookies in the fridge to my right – so I must go hunt something sweet down.  Thanks for listening to my long rant and ramble.

Let’s nest

February 23, 2007

So, we have a big meeting here at the house tonight – which is no big deal, our house is always open for churchy stuff.  It’s relatively clean,  since we just had a bunch of people over for dinner on Tuesday night. Except, Tuesday’s dishes took up the whole dishwasher, and they are no clean and inside waiting to be unloaded, which means that yesterday’s dishes are in the sink, waiting to be loaded, which means that my kitchen looks messy.

I have an hour before I need to make sure this problem is taken care of.  Actually, I’ve had two hours – but the first hour was spent cleaning out the playroom, as very early preparation for turning that room into a baby room.  The second hour of ‘free time’ that I have (time in which i could be dish-doing) is being spent blogging about my necessity to do the dishes.

Is it possible to be nesting and yet have a gross kitchen?

I might eat you

February 20, 2007

I might eat you because I want to, not because I’m hungry.

I might eat you because you’re in my way!

I might eat you because we’re talking about eating right now.

I might eat you because I’ve eaten everything else in sight and I cannot think of a good reason not to keep eating.

I might eat you because you’re sweet (especially you and you and you and you … with your downright DARLING and FUN exciting response to my news of being preggers).

Take cover! Preggo woman on the loose! RUN!!

Thoughts I have

February 17, 2007

1) Does anybody else get piles of icky dishes?  It’s like when we leave for work and the house is empty, little monsters come from no where, break into the house, and eat off our plates – then they just leave them on the kitchen counter… many of them should be soaking but the little monsters aren’t that thoughtful.  It only takes a FEW SECONDS to put them near the sink, fill them with soap and water …  wth?  Does this happen to anybody else or are we just complete slobs?  And funny how this only happens on weekdays when hubby and I are both working.

2)  Do you ever get anxious or unnerved over the possiblity of someone coming to your home and needing to use the bathroom?  I mean – we have people over all the time…  hardly any of which need the facilities.  But, I clean the bathroom ALL THE TIME just in case anybody ever needs to go in there.  Well, except yesterday.  Julia’s speech therapist never EVER leaves our safe zone (the living room, where no toys are, the dust isn’t noticeable, and it just so happens that Rich had vaccuumed that room sometime within the last week) …. yet, the ONE TIME I don’t clean the bathroom on the off chance that she’ll need to go during the 45 minutes that she’s here…. yep, how embarrassing.  Does this happen to anybody else?  Let’s be honest here.

3) Do any other mothers out there recall starting to SHOW during the first two months of their second pregnancy.  I read in several places that with your second child, you tend to show much earlier.  How much earlier is earlier?  Did I just stop standing up straight and sucking it in? Or did I increase my fat intake and not realize it?  Or am I possibly stretching already due to the pregnancy.  If you’re nice to me and give me the right answer, I promise to stop being so disgusted with myself.

4) Why is it that we can spend $100 a week (or so?) on groceries and still have an empty fridge?

5) Do I have a right to be extremely annoyed that when I tell someone that I’m pregnant, the first thing so many of them say is “oh, I knew it!”   I mean, we’ve been keeping it secret for a few weeks (as secret as you can, ya know) but – does everybody have to act like they’re clairvoyant and already knew the news before I shared it with them?  Can’t anybody just say “No way! Really!?!  Congrats!!!”   That would be way more fun.

6) The doctor said I cannot do any exercising, sex, heavy lifting, etc until my first trimester is over.  Does that include dishes and laundry too? (They’re heavy! …. No, SERIOUSLY!)

7) Don’t buy generic pistachios. So many of them are imposible to open, and that’s just irritating.

8) Does anybody else out there (besides you, honey) watch Lost? I need a LOST blog buddy.

9) It’s been a cold winter. But, I’ve been colder than normal. I’m cold on the inside … like, ALL THE TIME.  I don’t remember this being a symptom of pregnancy in any of my books (it certainly wasn’t when I was preg with Julia) ….  does anybody else get uncontrollable shivers/coldness … it’s so bad that I can’t even sleep.  And I have my elec blanket on very high.  It’s the insides that are cold – they make me shiver. Does that make any sense? Do you think I need a padded room?

10) Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?

Hey, thanks for listening.  Check back for more some other time… I bet they allow laptops in the padded cells.  Don’t they?

The cats out of the bag – there’s a bun in the oven!

February 16, 2007

Well, after a long three week wait, we’ve decided to finally make our news public.  We are (finally!) pregnant!  I give you this news with some excitement, much hesitation, some fear, and a little guilt. (I know you know who you are, I’m sorry that I’m pregnant and you’re not.)  We saw our peanut on Monday … heartbeat and everything. 🙂   I have a few prayer requests for you to keep in mind.

` Pray that the baby is healthy and happy and is able to grow into a healthy newborn.

` Pray that I can ditch some selfish eating habits (hellloooo sweets!) and start eating better for the bun in the oven

` Pray that those childless mothers out there won’t lose hope or excitement over the miracle of a baby. That those women out there who are longing for the experience will find their two pink lines soon.

` Pray for Rich, as he endures another long nine months with a hormonal wife, AND a testing toddler. (okay, the toddler isn’t that bad – but I couldn’t take ALL the blame for the stress and tension that happens around here)

` Pray for yourselves – that your prayers are heard and are in line with God’s will.

Thanks 🙂  That said, we had a scare on Monday – I started bleeding a little. We went into the doctors for a sonogram, and everything looked good.  I’m still spotting very lightly – which I know can be totally normal.  But, given that we miscarried the last one, our nerves are very short.  We cannot wait until we have three months “under the belt” (har har) so that we can celebrate the pregnancy and not live it in fear.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Leave me a comment to congratulate!

Don’t worry

February 11, 2007

I enjoyed my last Thursday Thirteen post because it was therapy for me!  All is well here – and I’m feeling much better.  I have more to say, but not right now!

Today, I’m going to play catch up.  When I get in a slump, I tend to do nothing but pout – and now I’m making up for it!  I have work to do tomorrow, and I must spend much of today getting ready for tomorrow.  It won’t be ugly, though – For some reason, I still enjoy my church job very, very much 🙂

It’s not thursday

February 8, 2007

But I started a Thursday Thirteen a week ago and never finished it.  I wasn’t motivated.  I finally got back to it today and finished the other 11 thoughts without much effort.  Heh.

Thursday Thirteen

February 8, 2007

Dear world,

I’m crabby, tired, and learning how to put up with little-to-no bullshit. I learned to stand up for myself just two and a half years ago… twenty six and a half years too late, but a helpfull bowl of knowledge nontheless. However, I can’t shake the constant self-doubt, I’m always my biggest critic – and I can be pretty mean sometimes. I have good friends, great faith, and a fabulous – couldn’t-be-more-perfect husband. But, I still get moody, cranky, bored and tired – and I’m entitled to my bad moods just as much as the next person. Herewithin you will find my Thursday 13 from the bitch dark not-as-chipper side…