My YouYou

I totally stole this right off the shelf from the blog of the Palm Tree Princess.  I don’t think I’ll be arrested and go to jail because (a) I give her full credit for my insanity and (b) She stole it from someone else.

But, I fell in love with the idea, and I had to copy it.  So, click “More” to read the rest of the post and then leave me a comment to guess who I’m talking about. (Be paranoid, it’s all about you!)   Haha – maybe in a day or two (if there’s interest?) I’ll post an answer key.  There are only 10 items, one for each person on my blogroll.

Have fun.
Thanks LC for the steal!

1) You are a very busy mommy.  I lurk at your blog daily – sometimes more than that.  What I don’t get is how you can stay so on-top-of-it-all and continue to update and take such good care of your beautiful one…. all at the same time.
2) Are we sisters from a past life?  Though we are completely different people, our livestyles sometimes mirror each other.  I wuv you dearly, you know that?

3) I found you by chance and fell in love with your daughters beautiful curls.  Also, I have blog-envy of you.

4)  You say it like it is, and I dig that about your blog.  Often, when I’m reading one of your posts, I’m thinking “yeah, what she said!” Oh, and you take really great pictures, some of them should be sent to magazines or framed and sold and stuff.

5) I check your blog daily because of all the wonderful pictures.  I’m also anxious to see what you’re up to next – how do you do it, woman?!?

6) You are an awesome mom and I adore your stories.  I can’t believe how big your oldest is getting.  I love watching your kids grow up through pictures and stories.

7)  I wonder if you know how lucky you are.  Your house, your view, your THINGS are beautiful.  I want more pictures of your family, but I’m having tons of fun living vicariously through your high-life adventures and your beautiful house.

8) You are an awesome writer.  Your posts are long – and I often wonder if I’m going to read the whole thing when I first get started… but I can’t help it. I can spend hours reading your blog. The words are so engaging and your stories are fun to read.

9) I love your opinions and stories from your work life.  You have a wonderful sense of humor and your posts and comments crack me up.

10) I used to have such blog-envy.  You are a wonderful writer and your children are gems.  You really need to update more often like you used to – what slowed you down?


9 Responses to “My YouYou”

  1. Garnet Says:

    I have to run to work for a couple hours but then I’m coming right home to play this game! WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. LC Says:

    OOooh yay … I’m so glad you did this !!!! Rockin !!!!

    I SUCK at these things though. I don’t know which one I am. Post answers QUICK 🙂

    I’m off to visit the rest of your blogroll to see if I can figure out who is who 🙂

    Later Gator

  3. Lonna Says:

    I am so playing… I printed it out and have notes going as I read all the blogs.
    May have to update my blogroll after this!
    If I get them all right, do I win a wii?!? Hee hee

  4. Lonna Says:

    OK… I think I have a few.
    1. Much More than a Mom
    2. Jen’s space
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. And Baby Makes Three
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. Wonder Mom
    9. Me – Mom and More
    10. Mommy Matters

  5. chelle Says:

    oh dude I am so clueless! HA!
    Thanks for including me somewhere in there … you know I am one of your biggest fans!

  6. babymakesfamily Says:

    Lonna has 4 correct answers! (Sorry Lonna… MY wii.. all MINE)

  7. Ashley Says:

    Okay, I have to laugh that Lonna thinks I’m #5. I don’t think anyone could ever say that about me!! I’m guessing curls? Normally I wouldn’t even assume that I’m there, except that you told me. LOVE these things, except now there are 9 new blogs I must read!

  8. Garnet Says:

    OMG. This is HARD! Honestly, I’ve never visited your blog roll before today. 🙂 You’ve got some great ladies on there!!! I’ll keep going back to them. But I’m afraid I can’t guess who belongs where on your list. :/

  9. Kris Says:

    Wow, what a sweet, sweet post this is. I, too, am unfamiliar with some of your blogroll, but I’ll take a few guesses: I think 4 is Petroville, and 10 is Mommy Matters. As for me… perhaps 6?

    Thanks again for doing this, I will be checking out your blog roll as well (and adding you to mine!)

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