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My baby and me

April 26, 2007



Maybe I’ll Laugh about it Someday?

April 22, 2007

Today’s April 21 – a date that I’ve had marked on my calendar since January.  Today is supposed to be the spring planning meeting for the church – an all day free-for-all when church leaders get together to brainstorm and problem solve and improve our ministry.  It was to be from 9am to 3pm, with a pizza lunch included.

The Pastor sent out reminder emails last week and I faithfully replied that I’d be there. I don’t like to miss meetings like this because important crap gets decided and, well, I’m quite opinionated.

Hub and I didn’t sleep well last night (Though I’m confident that I got more sleep than he did) …. he is sickly.  Poor guy.  He also got paged to work at 4am.  Though he didn’t go in at that time, he did have to get up, make a call and arrange to be at work very early this morning. I think he left at like 6am.   Nothing like getting showered and ready for work at 6am on a Saturday, now is there?   But wait, this post isn’t about him – it’s about me and my church meeting.

Right – well, I got up early too to shower before Julia wakes at her usual 7ish time.  I waited around forever to see if hub was going to call and let me know that he was on his way home since whatever it is that he went into work for wasn’t supposed to take that long… but he didn’t call so I decided I’d take J with me to the meeting and Hub could just pick her up from the meeting place to take her home when he got done.

I followed a link that the Pastor had on his email to the church that we were meeting at and saw that it was right off a street that I kinda knew.  I printed the map from mapquest – and that had the address on it, and then J and I left.

We would have gotten to the church on time if I had not passed it twice.  We were meeting at Grace Church – and although I saw Grace Community Center, I didn’t think it was the church since it didn’t look like a church.  But, after the third time around I got smart enough to look at the address… and sure enough, the address on the building matched the address on my mapquest map.

Okay so I was only going to be 10 minutes late or so… J and I trudged in the building, hastily looking for room number 222.  After about 10 minutes of searching I decided to call the pastor, knowing full well that I’d be interrupting the planning session.

“I can’t find where you guys are – I’m here, just don’t know where the room is.”

“There’s a little open door by the playground… (commotion) ooh wait, okay – Carol is going to come out and meet you”

(I’m confused, I don’t see a playground ANYWHERE! But, I hang up waiting for Carol to come to the rescue … then the phone rings, it’s pastor again)

“Um, (giggling) what street are you on?”

“I’m at ____ ____street, right where it says to be.”

(pause) “Well thats not where we are – we are off of ____th”

(Thinking to myself, wow – that’s WAY OFF!)

I told him I was having a bad day and would just be going home.  There was no way I was going to drive all thew ay out to BFE for this meeting, especially since I was now going to be 45 minutes late and hubby would have to drive way out of his way to come get J when he got off work.  I accused the Pastor THREE TIMES of putting the wrong address on the email.

When we got him and I dried my pregnancy-induced tears, I looked at the email and … Pastor was right… there was NO address on the email.  There’s no possible way he told me the wrong address.   Instead, there was a link to Grace UMC – and following that link lead me to two links that both say “Map”  One is the map for Grace UMC and the other is the map for Grace Community Center.

UGH – I sent an email to the entire group apologizing for interrupting the session with my phoen calls and also apologizing to the pastor for thinking he was a liar.

It’s still not funny right now, but I know that maybe I’ll laugh about it someday.

I’ll admit it, I’m pregnant

April 21, 2007

I’ve been a bit moody lately. But, I think I’m over cautious about making sure my moodiness doesn’t show to the outside world because I don’t want to be the crazy pregnant chick.  I’ve always been pretty good at plugging away while my emotions rot inside me until they explode – which is neither fun nor healthy.  But now, the pregnancy mood swings are irritating me perhaps more than my own problems are.

It is good/nice to know that I do have a crutch.  Whenever I go crazy, I can say “oh it’s my pregnancy.”  But, I’m a strong woman – I don’t dish out excuses regularly.

I’m finding myself offended at the stupidest things – dishes that are left out for me to do, a slight preggo remark (such as, “you’re REALLY showing, now!”), or when people don’t remember appointments they have with me.

But, I trust that this will all end someday. Some far away day.  After baby arrives, after nursing, after my body readjusts to the old Maggie.   I just hope that my family and friends are enjoying the ride more than I am.

I’m confused

April 17, 2007

I’m making a new blog – which hopefully I can reveal here someday.  I bought a CSS Editor upgrade deal on wordpress.  I even found a CSS template for wordpress that I really liked.  Now, how do I get that template into my wordpress blog?  Where do I find the CSS code??   I’m so confused.

FYI – 10 years ago, I knew it all.  I was writing webpages “from scratch and by hand.”  I knew all the html code and could play with stuff a lot to get it fun and useful.  Now, I’m lost. I’m feeling old. And pregnant.  Who can help?

Plugging along – a bunch of randomness

April 16, 2007

We’re still plugging away as normal.  Things never do slow down around here.  Last week was Easter – I think I’m *almost* recovered from it.  Julia had a great time with her Easter baskets (one from grandma, another from mom and dad).   We bought her the movie Peter Pan because her new shoes have tinkerbell on them and she had no clue who Tink was….  She got PP on Easter Sunday and by the time Tueday rolled around, Rich and I were so sick of the movie we joked about throwing it away.

It wouldn’t have mattered though, as our adorable little girl digs in the trash if she sees something there that’s hers.  It’s not often that I throw her stuff away, but when I do – I now know to do it in a trash that isn’t toddler accessible.   The kid has tons of Easter baskets … some from last year, one from our visit with Norm and Grappy in Hays and then the one from grandma and of course the one from us.  Not all of them are gorgeous enough to keep around the house, you know.  But, they do stick out of the trash a bit when thrown away, and our little miss will take it right back out of the trash multiple times if she thinks theres no reason to throw it away.

Rich was asked to hide a dollie that Julia had.  It was a tiny little doll that was starting to get all gross from being in the bathtub (her arms and legs were falling off, etc.).  Rich did as I instructed, and took it right to the trash.  20 minutes later, Julia was loving on it again (EW) and Rich threw it right back away again.  It doesn’t take her long – she found that stupid doll 3 or 4 times before Rich was smart enough to put it in the trash in the garage. “Well, I keep putting it deeper and deeper in the trash under more stuff.”   Eeeew.. Yes, I’m so proud of my trash diving daughter.

Despite that patheticness, she really is growing up.  The other day, I was in shock about how she fits in her car seat. She’s just bigger now than I remember her being.  Her cheeks and her neck are getting pudgy and she’s definitely taller.  She’s growing through all her clothes SO FAST.


The kid in the oven is plugging away, too, I suppose.  I feel like a cow – but in a good way I guess.  I’m definitely OUT of my regular clothes and INTO maternity clothes – but the problem is that I am not comfy in any pants I have.  I hope the shorts and capri’s fit better since it’s going to start warming up soon and I have a ton of those.   My friend Angela gave me a ton of maternity clothes and I’m forever greatful to her for that.  She’s awesome.

At the last doc appointment, we heard a strong heartbeat.  There’s still a week and a half until the next doc appointment, and I’m already anxious.  I haven’t felt the baby much, that worries me.  But, I’m definitely feeling preggers.  Thank GOD the tiredness is wearing off….  I can actually get stuff done now when I think about it.  The only things in my way now is food and brain cells.

I’m not alone here.  There are 9 pregnant women at my church… all of whom are due between June and December.  My job at the church is staff the children’s ministry.  But all the children’s leaders are preggo and going to pop soon.  SO, not only do I face the challenge of covering them while they’re out of commission, it’s also obvious that our children’s department at church is going to expand rather quickly with crying babies and what not.   How am I going to accomodate the wonderful preggo ladies, find teachers for their beautiful babies, and take a maternity leave myself??


Our schedule for the summer should slow down, and for that I’m thankful. Our bowling league ends in three more weeks (YAY YAY YAY YAY) and our table group bible study is slowing down too.  I’m so glad that we’ll have the summer together as more of a family… Julia is going to need lotsa extra TLC before and after this summer!

Our office is hideous.  I’d love nothing more than to clean this room up and get it organized.  I tackeled the storage basement two weeks ago and have loved it ever since.  I actually don’t mind working down there anymore, because everything has a home and it’s so easy to work with.  But, this room – the office – just screams HELP ME.  I hear it everyday just begging for help, but I always manage to put it off.  If I would just get started in here, I know I could do a really good job and keep it clean for a little while. Plus, I’d be way more efficient at my work.  But, UGH, how do you get started with such a HUGE task?  I need a dumpster, some organizing buckets with lids, and three hours with no hubby and no kid.  I think I could do it, then.

The weather is so wacky!  Two weeks ago, I was actually wearing shorts.  Last week, I froze my ass off in three layers of clothes.  Last night and Friday night, it totally snowed!  Today, right now- hubby is mowing the lawn in shorts and a t-shirt and I can’t wait for Julia to wake up so we can go to the park.  I don’t understand it at all!  This is BFE Kansas, it’s supposed to be somewhat predictable!  (let me quickly mention as a sidenote that I’m not very homesick right now – as Colorado has been BELTED with snow this winter and have just gotten it again.  I envied CO at first, I’d give my right leg to play in some fluffy white snow – but I’m glad that our crap is melting right away and that we have days of sunshine!)

Blog envy.  I want to be a better blogger.  I want to include pictures and stories. I want to have an awesome mommy Christian blog that is filled with pictures and stories and lots of fun fu-fu.  I just don’t know how to get it done!  I want a cool blog! ARGH!

Baby envy.  One awesome blogger on my blogroll, Chelle, just had her baby boy Ethan.  Okay, this is kind of old news but I haven’t been around here much lately.  I lurk her blog at least daily – sometimes multiple times a day.  I’m envious that she’s spending time with her newborn baby OUTSIDE the womb.  She’s still blogging it up with great pictures and stories and I so want to be able to do that.  Congrats, Chelle, you’re totally awesome.

Ditchin Church

April 3, 2007

We took a mini road trip this past weekend… we needed an excuse to get away and didn’t have the funds to go very far. I could have used a beach, a cruise, or maybe even a ski trip.  Instead, we went to BFE Hays, KS.   Who takes a road trip to Hays, KS??  We do.

Hays is halfway between here and “home” and my dad and his wife met us there.  We stayed in a hotel that had a heated indoor pool with a big ole water slide.  The slide was fun – Julia even enjoyed it once she got over the initial apprehension.

It was nice to see my dad.  But, I was immediately reminded of how disappointing a visit with him can be, too.  I’m just nothing like my family – they are spontaneous people that don’t plan a second ahead and get frustrated or upset when they can’t predict what I want want to do next.  Or wait, I’m making it sound like my whole family is that way, when really it’s just my dad (he might as well be my whole family sometimes? but that’s a whole nother post).  Anyway, he didn’t show up until 9pm on Friday night, when they were supposed to be there in time for lunch.  They called and said they’re running late and would be there for dinner.  I’m so glad that I’ve learned over the years not to rely on him – I’d’a killed a man before waiting until 9pm to have dinner.

Oh well – they came and we had fun.  They wanted to do the historic museum sight-seeing … we abliged because, well – hell, there’s just not much to do in Hays KS.  We went to all two of their “tourist attractions” with them (a little known museum and a lesser known fort).   I would have rather spent that time enjoying the gianormous waterslide, but it wasn’t totally up to me.

At any rate, we had a weekend away.  The “real motive” behind the trip was, perhaps, simply to skip church.  Sometimes it’s nice to be away… and since I work for the church, it was like being away from work. Sorta.   I dunno – somehow it felt really nice to skip out on the one thing per week that keeps my life grounded.  Go figure.

Anyway – like I said, we had fun.  I’m rambling now because I can.

Julia is getting even cuter everyday, if you can possibly believe that.  Her sentences are become hilarious – as she sputters out things that come from the wilds in her imagination.  She’ll repeat just about anything we tell her to but it always comes out in Julia speak. (I’m a doorbell is really ‘I’m adorable’).

Oh and Julia has named the baby.  She came up with a name last week and it has stuck. She has not forgotten it and is absolutely clear when she says it.

Our baby’s name shall be MonkeyPants.   Yeah, I told you she’s cute.

This poor kid in my tummy will forever be the kid that was once called monkeypants.

I’m feeling pregnant.  My bowels don’t quite know what to do (TMI?) and I’m tired and just recently started getting cranky…  I’m always hungry but nothing ever sounds good.  I drink a gallon of water a day (at least) and my feet always hurt.  I can’t sleep and I can’t get any work done because I’m constantly finding myself wondering what life with two kids is like and will I be able to handle it.  That t-shirt I bought a few years ago that says PSYCH WARD might not be as funny when I’m working with two kiddos 24/7.

I’m only 14+ weeks along, people.  I realize that this is only going to get worse.  Please, find some words of encouragement for me.

But, it’ll be okay.  It always is, right?   Someday, we will start working on the nursery and the playroom – and someday it will feel like we’re really expecting a baby in this house of ours.  Someday, I’ll finally get a routine down for dishes and laundry (I tried FlyLady – I’m not good enough for it.  Thanks anyway..)  and someday my house won’t smell like drywall mudding.

Someday I’ll have two gorgeous kids that keep me laughing all the time.  They’ll help with household chores and they’ll rub my back or play with my hair on command.  They’ll read ME the bedtime stories once in a while (once a week? C’mon that sounds fair) and they’ll say things like “you’re so beautiful mommy.”

Yes, someday.