I’m confused

I’m making a new blog – which hopefully I can reveal here someday.  I bought a CSS Editor upgrade deal on wordpress.  I even found a CSS template for wordpress that I really liked.  Now, how do I get that template into my wordpress blog?  Where do I find the CSS code??   I’m so confused.

FYI – 10 years ago, I knew it all.  I was writing webpages “from scratch and by hand.”  I knew all the html code and could play with stuff a lot to get it fun and useful.  Now, I’m lost. I’m feeling old. And pregnant.  Who can help?


2 Responses to “I’m confused”

  1. LC Says:

    As in a ________.wordpress.com blog ???? Or a ______.com blog powered by wordpress yet hosted elsewhere ???

    The first .wordpress.com … I have NO idea. I’ve heard that it can be pretty confusing setting one of those up … although I have no firsthand knowledge of that.

    .com hosted elsewhere … I might be able to help ya 🙂 I’m NOT too smart on the whole thing. But I know how to upload stuff to my server and where it should go.

    Holla at me if I can help 🙂

  2. chelle Says:

    Log in and go to your dashboard …
    Go to the Presentation Tab …
    Then the Edit CSS tab
    You should be able to cut and paste the template there
    I have not tried it but in theory it should work.
    Email me if not and I will try to see how it works (I do nto use wordpress.com very often, I have a craft blog on mine but I have never paid for it or anything)

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