I’ll admit it, I’m pregnant

I’ve been a bit moody lately. But, I think I’m over cautious about making sure my moodiness doesn’t show to the outside world because I don’t want to be the crazy pregnant chick.  I’ve always been pretty good at plugging away while my emotions rot inside me until they explode – which is neither fun nor healthy.  But now, the pregnancy mood swings are irritating me perhaps more than my own problems are.

It is good/nice to know that I do have a crutch.  Whenever I go crazy, I can say “oh it’s my pregnancy.”  But, I’m a strong woman – I don’t dish out excuses regularly.

I’m finding myself offended at the stupidest things – dishes that are left out for me to do, a slight preggo remark (such as, “you’re REALLY showing, now!”), or when people don’t remember appointments they have with me.

But, I trust that this will all end someday. Some far away day.  After baby arrives, after nursing, after my body readjusts to the old Maggie.   I just hope that my family and friends are enjoying the ride more than I am.


4 Responses to “I’ll admit it, I’m pregnant”

  1. chelle Says:

    hehe the time will come where you are overwrought with hormones surging through you once that baby comes! Enjoy the moment right now, even the crankiness!

  2. Mood Swings: Beware of the Pregnant Woman at Life After Birth Says:

    […] what Sara says.  There are other moody pregnant women out there in the blogosphere too, like Maggie and Impregnated (nice name).  It’s quite difficult to deal with, because I’m not a […]

  3. Pregnancy Weekly Says:

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  4. infertility options Says:

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