Maybe I’ll Laugh about it Someday?

Today’s April 21 – a date that I’ve had marked on my calendar since January.  Today is supposed to be the spring planning meeting for the church – an all day free-for-all when church leaders get together to brainstorm and problem solve and improve our ministry.  It was to be from 9am to 3pm, with a pizza lunch included.

The Pastor sent out reminder emails last week and I faithfully replied that I’d be there. I don’t like to miss meetings like this because important crap gets decided and, well, I’m quite opinionated.

Hub and I didn’t sleep well last night (Though I’m confident that I got more sleep than he did) …. he is sickly.  Poor guy.  He also got paged to work at 4am.  Though he didn’t go in at that time, he did have to get up, make a call and arrange to be at work very early this morning. I think he left at like 6am.   Nothing like getting showered and ready for work at 6am on a Saturday, now is there?   But wait, this post isn’t about him – it’s about me and my church meeting.

Right – well, I got up early too to shower before Julia wakes at her usual 7ish time.  I waited around forever to see if hub was going to call and let me know that he was on his way home since whatever it is that he went into work for wasn’t supposed to take that long… but he didn’t call so I decided I’d take J with me to the meeting and Hub could just pick her up from the meeting place to take her home when he got done.

I followed a link that the Pastor had on his email to the church that we were meeting at and saw that it was right off a street that I kinda knew.  I printed the map from mapquest – and that had the address on it, and then J and I left.

We would have gotten to the church on time if I had not passed it twice.  We were meeting at Grace Church – and although I saw Grace Community Center, I didn’t think it was the church since it didn’t look like a church.  But, after the third time around I got smart enough to look at the address… and sure enough, the address on the building matched the address on my mapquest map.

Okay so I was only going to be 10 minutes late or so… J and I trudged in the building, hastily looking for room number 222.  After about 10 minutes of searching I decided to call the pastor, knowing full well that I’d be interrupting the planning session.

“I can’t find where you guys are – I’m here, just don’t know where the room is.”

“There’s a little open door by the playground… (commotion) ooh wait, okay – Carol is going to come out and meet you”

(I’m confused, I don’t see a playground ANYWHERE! But, I hang up waiting for Carol to come to the rescue … then the phone rings, it’s pastor again)

“Um, (giggling) what street are you on?”

“I’m at ____ ____street, right where it says to be.”

(pause) “Well thats not where we are – we are off of ____th”

(Thinking to myself, wow – that’s WAY OFF!)

I told him I was having a bad day and would just be going home.  There was no way I was going to drive all thew ay out to BFE for this meeting, especially since I was now going to be 45 minutes late and hubby would have to drive way out of his way to come get J when he got off work.  I accused the Pastor THREE TIMES of putting the wrong address on the email.

When we got him and I dried my pregnancy-induced tears, I looked at the email and … Pastor was right… there was NO address on the email.  There’s no possible way he told me the wrong address.   Instead, there was a link to Grace UMC – and following that link lead me to two links that both say “Map”  One is the map for Grace UMC and the other is the map for Grace Community Center.

UGH – I sent an email to the entire group apologizing for interrupting the session with my phoen calls and also apologizing to the pastor for thinking he was a liar.

It’s still not funny right now, but I know that maybe I’ll laugh about it someday.


One Response to “Maybe I’ll Laugh about it Someday?”

  1. chelle Says:

    hugs ….. it happens!

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