Calling all VBAC’ers!

So, there’s been something really big weighing on my mind lately. It has to do with that really big something that is weighing on my pelvis, too.   Oh that reminds me of funny that happened….

I work in a preschool – with young kiddos, of course.  And the other day, little C came up to me and asked, “Miss Maggie, did you have one of these here chicken sandwiches for lunch?”

“Yes, it was pretty good!” I answered.

And she stared me up and down, trying to come up with her words…  “Well,” she started – as her face got wrinkled with worry and wonder and thoughts.. “cuz it looks like you have something A LOT bigger than that in your tummy.”

C is four years old and I thank her for the laugh. It was cute!

Oh, I digress.  Anyway, I wanted to write a cute post about how much I love my kids and how much I love my mom (despite the lack of mommy’ing that may have happened in the last 10 years or so..) and how I would give up anything in the whole world for my children and my hubby.  But, I can’t concentrate because I can’t stop thinking about the wonder of a VBAC.

I had a C-Section with Julia because… well, I didn’t see that there was much choice.  My water had broke at 11pm on my due date, and at 3pm the next day, she still had not made any progress. (Oh someday, I’ll go into my long tirade of a story about how pissed I am that I was robbed of the opportunity to progress labor by my lazy doctor… I know so much more now than I knew then – but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

My OB says that I still have a choice. I can go VBAC if I want to.  My initial reaction was “why the hell would I wanna do that??”  but the more I learn and progress with this pregnancy, the more I miss the chance I coulda had to have Julia the right way.   My doctor has said on a couple of different occassions that I do have the choice – but that it’s very rare anymore because of malpractice insurance.  He said that only two hospitals in this entire STATE allow for a VBAC anymore – and that doctors are turning vbac’s away left and right due to the complications that could happen.  But, the two hospitals that allow them, are the two that I have to choose from – and he has still maintained that I have the choice.  (Sure, sounds like he’s trying to talk me out of it, but who wouldn’t?….   he would know when he needs to be there to deliver me, he would know that there’s minimal risk considering.. and we would all know my due date.  Sounds like a great deal for the doc.)  Really, though – who wants to go through possibly-unneeded surgery? We’re talking longer recovery time, more drugs, unnatural birth, etc etc etc…     But am I being selfish by not considering the real risks??

I have talked to many women who have had a VBAC and several women who have had multiple children vaginally after their first was born C Section.  ALL of these women say that they do not regret it and are so happy they’ve made the choice.  ALL of them say their VBAC’s were very successful.

But – my question is… where are the ones that have tried to go VBAC and were not successful?

I guess I still have some studying to be done.  But y’all know me – I’m a busy chick.  So, go ahead – flood my comments with your wisdom and solicited advice.  I promise that I’m a stubborn and independant woman,  and will not choose one way or another just ‘cuz you said so.   I do make my own decisions… but I’m totally needing some opinions here.  Where better to get opinions than from BLOGLAND, right!??!

Thanks 🙂  Now, go comment away.  And, when I’m feeling more up to it, I can write a more appropriate mother’s day post that involves my sweet pea having her last mother’s day with me as an only child.


3 Responses to “Calling all VBAC’ers!”

  1. chelle Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    No wisdom on the vbac … however a vaginal birth is amazing 😀

  2. Lonna Says:

    ok… here I go. Your doc is absolutely right in saying that it is becoming rare for doctors to “give the choice” of having a VBAC due to all the malpractice lawsuits. I use “” because it should be YOUR choice, not the doctors…but that is another topic.
    If you have the opportunity to give it a try, please do. Un-necessary surgery is not good… whether routine or not. As long as you and the baby are in good health, there is no reason to have a Section.
    As a doula, my goal is for my clients to come out of birth (obviously with healthy mom, healthy baby) without the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’s… that they did everything they could and had no regrets. If you start to go for a vaginal birth and wind up with a section… at least you tried. And if your OB is going to let you try… go for it because not many women even have that choice.
    I am not a all natural, homeopathic, “ommmmm”, kind of Doula. If you need meds, lets get them. If you don’t want them, we are locking the door. BUT I do believe that, in birth, less is more and there is a whole slew of options between natural vaginal to c-section. It is your birth and whatever you decide will be the best for you and your baby… I am glad your are at least thinking about trying for a VBAC! If you need more info, please email.
    Getting off my soapbox!

  3. Phoebe Says:

    I’m not pregnant with our second child YET, but after an emerg csec first time I’m already looking into options for VBAC. I’m finding the reasearch really encouraging. I think if you able to go into it with as much information to empower you to make the choice that is right at the time that will help. Also I’m hoping that I can have a doc like you who’s going to let me consider VBAC so I can at least try. These two sites I’ve found informative and

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