It’s a….

So, it’s SO hard to believe that I’m more than halfway there.   Today, I’m 22 weeks, 3 days along and I had my mid-point OB appointing and sonogram!

I had a good discussion with the doc about a VBAC and I’ve decided to go for it.  Basically, everything inside me says WHY NOT?!?   … The doctor is great and seems supportive.  I just love my OB.

Hubby went with me to the sonogram and we found out that the little bean growing inside of me is a ….

GIRL!  I was so excited and so thrilled and so …. just all things happy.   Actually, on the way up to the appointment, I was thinking – what would my reaction be if it’s a girl?  I was thinking of how relieved I would be that I wouldn’t have to worry about penis things that I don’t know about (giggles) and that I would already know the ropes a bit and that I could have pinks and pretty blues in the house.   If it was a boy, we’da been just as thrilled…   but ya know – what really matters is that this baby is healthy!  All measurements were spot on and my due date hasn’t changed, and the heartbeat is nice and healthy (141bpm) and all is well.

Julia no longer has to guess when we tease her with “are you having a brother or a sister?” … She just knows to say “It’s a girl!” 🙂 Awww

Hubby ended up taking the whole day off work because I had to go back to the OB at 2pm for the regular appointment.  SO, we had lunch with a friend and then headed to target and Home Depot to look at girly things and girly paint.

We’re going to paint the nursery walls yellow and the trim (doors, window, baseboards) a plum purple.  She’ll get some kinda pink curtain (someday) and then we’ll find some great artwork to put on the walls that will be filled with lots of bold, primary colors.   I’ve always been a fan of the vibrant colors in the nursery as it helps with brain development and awareness.

This is so exciting!  After the walls are painted, we can finally put in the cork floor and then start assembling the crib.  We still need to find a dresser for the baby’s clothes and things… maybe on that has room for a changing pad on top.

WOW – a living, healthy, sweet little girl inside of me…   How exciting!


5 Responses to “It’s a….”

  1. Garnet Says:

    Horray! Congratulations! Another beautiful girl, I’m sure! 🙂 Any name ideas yet??? Me and my friends at work are always knocking around baby names…esp since two of them are preggers and I’m a wannabe! 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Kendra Says:

    Hey, congratulations! I have google alert me when someone mentions VBAC because I own a VBAC blog. They told me about your blog. I am due in July. We don’t know the sex, but I also have a little girl at home. I totally understand what you mean about penis issues. I often wonder what I would do with a little boy. I’m sure if we have a boy I’ll be fine, but it does make me a little nervous 🙂

  3. chelle Says:


  4. rain Says:

    Somehow, reading your entry makes me excited and want to have a kid. However I must remind myself that I am only nineteen and having a kid could wait until I get my bachelor’s or something.

    Congratulations on your new treasure!

  5. Kris Says:

    Congrats! That is so great. 🙂

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