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Speaking of Hubby

June 18, 2007

My super hunky hubba of a hubby turned 30 on Friday.  He’s so cool.  I’ve been teasing him for a few weeks …. he’s in his 30’s while I’m still in my 20’s.  Granted, it’ll only be 6 more months until I catch up, but I love saying that I’m in my 20’s even though I act like I’m in my 40’s sometimes.

Happy birthday, hubby. Yer so cool.

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day, too.  Since that’s today, ya know.  Yer a father times two now – what a stud.

Oh – and this Friday will be our 6th wedding anniversary.  Awwww….   I’m so in love with my 30’something father of a hubby. SMOOCH.


I’ve lost it

June 18, 2007

I don’t know what “IT” is that I am referring to in the title, exactly, because IT can be anything these days.  It seems as though I have no idea where anything is anymore.  Yes, I’m familiar with “preggo brain” but I thought it was worst in the first tri-mester… at least, it was with my first pregnancy.  This time around – my preggo brain is kicking in at FULL SWING right now, just as I’m getting into the third trimester.

I’m losing things that I could never possibly lose:

– My swimsuit bottoms.  I have the top, I have the towel, I have everything I had when I last had the top and the bottom together – but now I don’t know where my bottom is.  ARUGH frustrating… and I only had one maternity swimming suit.

– Apparently I’ve lost four reimbursement checks that the church has cut me.  The finance guy came to me today with a list of checks that have been written to me but never cashed, and how the HELL could I lose a check? I immediately sign the backs of those babies and go deposit them.  The good news is (I guess?) that I didn’t miss the money… apparently I didn’t even realize that the checks never cleared until I was told so today.

– A whole bunch of stamp pads.  I’m not into stamping or stamps or anything stamp related, but I did have a bunch of ink pads for stamps in with all the other crafty crap I have to keep in my basement for the church… and I can’t find a single one.  I did go out and buy a new one since one of the Sunday School classes needed it today for an art project… but of course I lost that one, too…  not even 24 hours after I bought the dang thang.

– Patience.  Have you seen it? My patience is missing.  I’m UBER good with 3/4 year olds. My daughter will be 3 in 3 months – she acts 3 and thinks she’s 3. I should be really good with her…. but I’m not. Where did my patience go?

– My ability to reason. I have been acting on impulse.  What the hell? I’m SUCH a reasonable person.  Does anybody know where I left my ability to reason?

The worst part about all of this is that “preggo brain” never really goes away, right? Once you lose those brain cells, they’re pretty much gone for good.  At least, that’s what everybody tells me and it was true with the brain cells I once had before becoming preggers with Julia.   Ahhh – good thing I have a smart AND good looking hubby to take care of me.

A late night stream of conscienceness post

June 12, 2007

Goodnight.  No, wait – not Goodnight… HELLO!

My body is preparing me.  Sleep is unpredictable – just as it is going to be after the new addition arrives.  I lay in bed and watch the clock – only when I’m lucky does it jump ahead a few hours in a blink.

The other night, Igot 3 1/2 hours normal business hours work done between the hours of midnight and 4:30a.m.  Then, I went to bed to rise and shine at 7am with my toddler and hubby.

I don’t know that I’m complaining all that much … sure the lack of sleep wears on me when I have a chance to sit down for a moment during regular functioning hours … but, really, how can I complain when I actually have all those hours to myself in a quiet house.

I can’t help but wonder if I’m relying on my Benedryl to knock me out.  It helps, most of the time. And, if I don’t take it then my first time up to pee is when I’m up for good – because my sinuses drain like niagra falls…. and my first time up to pee is usually about 3 hours after I’ve just laid down for rest.  But, I almost look forward to the 8 o’clock hour when I know my benedryl is coming soon.  Is that a bad thing?

I took my benedryl tonight about 2 and 1/2 hours ago and I feel wide awake.  I like to think that I’m still up because I’m hungry – but really the eating part is just there to entertain me right now.  My blog friends aren’t updating as often as I’d like… I need something to read – pictures to see – information to absorb.  All the websites that I frequent are only updated daily… if that.  There’s nothing good on TV.

I act as if I have nothing to do. There’s laundry to be folded.  Hey, really – does anybody NOT have laundry to be folded?  I swear the laundry pile NEVER GOES AWAY.  It’s stubborn.  The clothes are all clean – they just don’t know their way to the closet.  How annoying.  But, I can’t work on that b/c the kids (one kid and a hubby) are sleeping.  We shan’t disturb.

There’s sweeping and mopping to be done, but I’m too lazy.

There’s work to be done but – seriously – I’ve already worked my share of hours in the past two days/nights. It’s just not fun anymore.

What I should be doing is planning… I should plan an awesome Friday for this week since my hubby is hitting the BIG THREE OH.  I’m disappointed in myself for not planning earlier so I could really make it awesome for him.  But, I suck and we stay busy and we’re poor. (Oh yeah, I didn’t even tell you about our minivan… we got a ‘new’ van – traded in the old Saturn Vue for it. I never ever never never ever EVER thought I’d drive a minivan – but here I am.  You can call me soccer mom.)  Anyway, his bday is friday then Sunday is (of course) Father’s Day and he’s the most bestest daddy in the world for our kids, and then a week from this Friday is our 6th anniversary. Six years.  But, instead of planning something special or cool or doing something worthwhile in preparation for the causes for celebration… I sit here typing about it all to you. I could also be planning for – well – like having another kid.  There’s websites and books to be read about VBACS and newborn siblings and what not.  But, really – do you think I have the energy for all that thinking time? Maybe tomorrow.  Or, I could be planning for our Relay for Life event since I’m the team captain and we have a team meeting this thursday night at my house.  It’s going to be neat – RFL is in July – if you don’t know about it, go look it up. I’m even too lazy to provide a link right here. Maybe I’ll write more about it tomorrow.  Or, I could be planning for VBS since we have a role as a station leader for VBS this year.  But, I’m quite sick of VBS talk since I’m one of the directors of it this year and I’m not really liking either of the two other directors…. so yeah – VBS is a no-go for something to do right now.  Oh, I could be doing a thousand other things.  But, instead, I just wait for the Benedryl to kick in so I can go to bed.

So here I sit – watching the clock from a desk instead of from in bed like I usually do.

And there you have it – my stream of consciousness rambling post about a bunch of nothingness.  You’re welcome.

Cute Kid award

June 5, 2007

Julia had on a really cute, albeit WHITE, t-shirt today that says “I (heart) mommy.” It, for some reason, is my favorite t-shirt of hers.  She got some ketchup on it at the dinner table so I removed her shirt and quickly set it on top of the washer with enough Shout spray that it should be okay.  So, Julia was without a shirt for most of the evening and it didn’t bother her.  Later, she decided to ditch the shorts, too.  So there she was, running all around with just her greenish/blueish flower panties on.  We were playing in her room when she decided to sport the flower high heels and the beaded necklace, with her pink rimmed hat and the purse.  The final touch was her darling white sunglasses. Daisy started barking so I told her that I’d be right back – I was just going to let the dog in.  Julia insisted that she go with me…

She walked out on to the deck despite my constant reminding her to stay inside since she doesn’t have clothes on. But, as soon as she got out there, she noticed that our neighbor was enjoying a book on their back porch.  The neighbor smiled at Julia and let out a soft chuckle.

When we came back inside, Julia shed the jewelry, the shoes, the hat, and of course the sunglasses too.  I asked her why she took it all off and she said in her most innocent voice ever, “That lady smiled at me.”

I explained to Julia that it was because she’s cute and that Julia is just hard to NOT smile at.  I told Julia to put her hat and glasses back on because a friend was going to arrive soon to give me a paper I needed….  Julia grabbed her hat and put her glasses on.  She laughed at the prospect of having another lady smile at her – then she put on her hat and cupped her hands over her wide-opened mouth in an “OMG” pose…  then immediately took them off again and said, “Um, NO.”
It was to-die-for-cuteness.

She does a lot of this cute stuff… I just never get around to blogging about it.

Julia also insisted that she use all the rest of her stickers before going to bed.  But, she didn’t want to put them just anywhere- they had to go directly on the baby in my tummy.  They are fun, shiny stickers – and as fun as they are, Julia doesn’t realize that they are old Christmas stickers we no longer needed.  It was fun to have sticker after sticker placed gently on my belly, followed by a sincere “there you go..” and a smooch.

Dang, I really need to take the time to write stuff like this down more often.  She’s so cute.

Still can’t figure out how to put the ticker up there…

June 3, 2007

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker


June 3, 2007

Imagine someone comes to you in tears on a bi-weekly basis complaining of their job and that they don’t know how to manage time properly and thanks for bearing with them through all the learning and growth they are experiencing from taking too much on at a time.  Then, imagine that person comes to you months later, still the same wild wreck they have been, asking you to take on their job for 8 weeks while they take some time off.  You’re friends with this person and have helped them through a lot (as they have helped you through a lot…) and you know their job very well, and often boast that you could do their job better than them becuase of your freedom and organizational skills.  But, you learn that you’d be taking on their stressful job for these 8 weeks for NO PAY. It would be strictly volunteer work out of the kindness of your heart.  Would you take the position?