Cute Kid award

Julia had on a really cute, albeit WHITE, t-shirt today that says “I (heart) mommy.” It, for some reason, is my favorite t-shirt of hers.  She got some ketchup on it at the dinner table so I removed her shirt and quickly set it on top of the washer with enough Shout spray that it should be okay.  So, Julia was without a shirt for most of the evening and it didn’t bother her.  Later, she decided to ditch the shorts, too.  So there she was, running all around with just her greenish/blueish flower panties on.  We were playing in her room when she decided to sport the flower high heels and the beaded necklace, with her pink rimmed hat and the purse.  The final touch was her darling white sunglasses. Daisy started barking so I told her that I’d be right back – I was just going to let the dog in.  Julia insisted that she go with me…

She walked out on to the deck despite my constant reminding her to stay inside since she doesn’t have clothes on. But, as soon as she got out there, she noticed that our neighbor was enjoying a book on their back porch.  The neighbor smiled at Julia and let out a soft chuckle.

When we came back inside, Julia shed the jewelry, the shoes, the hat, and of course the sunglasses too.  I asked her why she took it all off and she said in her most innocent voice ever, “That lady smiled at me.”

I explained to Julia that it was because she’s cute and that Julia is just hard to NOT smile at.  I told Julia to put her hat and glasses back on because a friend was going to arrive soon to give me a paper I needed….  Julia grabbed her hat and put her glasses on.  She laughed at the prospect of having another lady smile at her – then she put on her hat and cupped her hands over her wide-opened mouth in an “OMG” pose…  then immediately took them off again and said, “Um, NO.”
It was to-die-for-cuteness.

She does a lot of this cute stuff… I just never get around to blogging about it.

Julia also insisted that she use all the rest of her stickers before going to bed.  But, she didn’t want to put them just anywhere- they had to go directly on the baby in my tummy.  They are fun, shiny stickers – and as fun as they are, Julia doesn’t realize that they are old Christmas stickers we no longer needed.  It was fun to have sticker after sticker placed gently on my belly, followed by a sincere “there you go..” and a smooch.

Dang, I really need to take the time to write stuff like this down more often.  She’s so cute.


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