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Obligatory Update

July 1, 2007

Vacation Bible School is over and I can breathe again!  It was fun.  The week of VBS was a blast, and I was able to forget all the hard times I went through having two other directors in the mix with me.  They took over, and I finally let them do it – and now I’m glad for that because .. now that it’s over, I realize that all the silly details weren’t all that important anyway.

Hubby turned 30.  He got a gift card to the brew store. He loves to brew his beer… I’ve been craving beer, but have only had one small sip of the stuff since almost a year ago.  I’m glad he has some good hobbies that keep him out of trouble anyway.

He also had his second Father’s Day.  I think I gave him the best gift ever…  Julia got him a gift certificate to go golfing, and I got him a whole day off from church.  Rich hasn’t missed a day of church since I got hired (except twice, when we were both out of town together)… and he was able to take that entire Sunday to golf with his dad and his brother.  I think they had fun – they came back smelly and tired and telling stories of the beaver they saw on the course.

We also had our 6th wedding anniversary.  We dumped Julia off at her Auntie’s house so that Rich and I could enjoy dinner together without her.  We ate at the Cracker Barrel, and then went shopping and putzed around town for a bit.  When we picked J up at Auntie’s house, we also brought her two cousins home with us… they spent the night at our house, as a small favor to Auntie and Uncle – who needed a sitter the following morning.  It was a lesson in patience, but it was fun nonetheless.

Then VBS happened, and now here I am trying to come up with all kinds of details that have happened in 3 weeks time to keep this blog updated.

The baby is kicking – she seems healthy and happy.  This coming Thursday will be my first OB appointment that is 2 weeks after the last one.  I’ll get to visit every 2 weeks for a while, then it will go to weekly during my last month.  The due date still hasn’t changed (which is a good thing, since I’m kind of an anal planner)… she’s scheduled to arrive sometime around the 26th of September.  That puts me close to my 28th week, and now I’m starting to feel the pain.  This pregnancy is much harder than the last one. Much much much… but I’m managing to enjoy it when I can.  Julia is excited – and I think life around here is going to change drastically over the next week or so, when we FINALLY get the nursery put together.  God bless my hunk of a hubby who has put new cork flooring down in the nursery … the walls are painted.. the trim has been painted… and it’s all going to come together soon.  He puts up with my impatient nagging… I keep asking him when it’s going to be done – and he patiently reminds me that it’s hard to paint walls and install a floor when taking care of a preggo wife, a toddler kid, running a VBS station, and working full time all at once.  I forget sometimes how much he does for us. He’s amazing.

When we get the nursery put together, then we can refocus on the playroom – which is supposed to be the whole downstairs of the house (next to the this-here-office of ours).  That will be such a blessing…  though, I wish it could miraculously get done within the next 5 weeks so that I can seriously consider starting my home childcare business.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

I think my dad and his wifey are coming out in early August.  I told him they’re crazy – they might as well wait until early October… saves them a trip, because they will HAVE TO come out to meet little missy when she’s born..  but he insists and they have the time and plans to come anyway, so that’ll be cool.

I’ve been thinking about and missing my mom and my brother a lot lately.  It’s been years since I’ve talked to my now-estranged brother… but he’s been coming up in my thoughts a lot lately for some reason.  I hope he’s okay.  My mom and I chat very briefly from time to time online… but never with any sustenance to the conversation.   I think this pregnancy is making me hyper-aware of the relationship that is missing there.   Oh well.

I’ve been a horrible friend to everybody around me lately.  My long-time friend Abbey recently graduated college and I didn’t even so-much-as send her a card.  My friend Angela has given us a ton of stuff for the baby and I haven’t sent her a card or called her at all recently.  I have no idea how my Aunt Julie-O is doing… I haven’t talked to her since right after she had her back surgery months ago.  My friend Megan visited a couple of months ago with their newborn baby and she’s since sent pictures over email and I haven’t taken the time to write her a few sentences to let her know I’ve been thinking of her.

I’d love to say that I’m going to sign off now so that I can catch up on all those regrets… but what really must be done is some tidying up of the office before I lose myself in the piles.
Thanks for reading! Look forward to another long, rambling, senseless update in the future.




June 3, 2007

Imagine someone comes to you in tears on a bi-weekly basis complaining of their job and that they don’t know how to manage time properly and thanks for bearing with them through all the learning and growth they are experiencing from taking too much on at a time.  Then, imagine that person comes to you months later, still the same wild wreck they have been, asking you to take on their job for 8 weeks while they take some time off.  You’re friends with this person and have helped them through a lot (as they have helped you through a lot…) and you know their job very well, and often boast that you could do their job better than them becuase of your freedom and organizational skills.  But, you learn that you’d be taking on their stressful job for these 8 weeks for NO PAY. It would be strictly volunteer work out of the kindness of your heart.  Would you take the position?


Plugging along – a bunch of randomness

April 16, 2007

We’re still plugging away as normal.  Things never do slow down around here.  Last week was Easter – I think I’m *almost* recovered from it.  Julia had a great time with her Easter baskets (one from grandma, another from mom and dad).   We bought her the movie Peter Pan because her new shoes have tinkerbell on them and she had no clue who Tink was….  She got PP on Easter Sunday and by the time Tueday rolled around, Rich and I were so sick of the movie we joked about throwing it away.

It wouldn’t have mattered though, as our adorable little girl digs in the trash if she sees something there that’s hers.  It’s not often that I throw her stuff away, but when I do – I now know to do it in a trash that isn’t toddler accessible.   The kid has tons of Easter baskets … some from last year, one from our visit with Norm and Grappy in Hays and then the one from grandma and of course the one from us.  Not all of them are gorgeous enough to keep around the house, you know.  But, they do stick out of the trash a bit when thrown away, and our little miss will take it right back out of the trash multiple times if she thinks theres no reason to throw it away.

Rich was asked to hide a dollie that Julia had.  It was a tiny little doll that was starting to get all gross from being in the bathtub (her arms and legs were falling off, etc.).  Rich did as I instructed, and took it right to the trash.  20 minutes later, Julia was loving on it again (EW) and Rich threw it right back away again.  It doesn’t take her long – she found that stupid doll 3 or 4 times before Rich was smart enough to put it in the trash in the garage. “Well, I keep putting it deeper and deeper in the trash under more stuff.”   Eeeew.. Yes, I’m so proud of my trash diving daughter.

Despite that patheticness, she really is growing up.  The other day, I was in shock about how she fits in her car seat. She’s just bigger now than I remember her being.  Her cheeks and her neck are getting pudgy and she’s definitely taller.  She’s growing through all her clothes SO FAST.


The kid in the oven is plugging away, too, I suppose.  I feel like a cow – but in a good way I guess.  I’m definitely OUT of my regular clothes and INTO maternity clothes – but the problem is that I am not comfy in any pants I have.  I hope the shorts and capri’s fit better since it’s going to start warming up soon and I have a ton of those.   My friend Angela gave me a ton of maternity clothes and I’m forever greatful to her for that.  She’s awesome.

At the last doc appointment, we heard a strong heartbeat.  There’s still a week and a half until the next doc appointment, and I’m already anxious.  I haven’t felt the baby much, that worries me.  But, I’m definitely feeling preggers.  Thank GOD the tiredness is wearing off….  I can actually get stuff done now when I think about it.  The only things in my way now is food and brain cells.

I’m not alone here.  There are 9 pregnant women at my church… all of whom are due between June and December.  My job at the church is staff the children’s ministry.  But all the children’s leaders are preggo and going to pop soon.  SO, not only do I face the challenge of covering them while they’re out of commission, it’s also obvious that our children’s department at church is going to expand rather quickly with crying babies and what not.   How am I going to accomodate the wonderful preggo ladies, find teachers for their beautiful babies, and take a maternity leave myself??


Our schedule for the summer should slow down, and for that I’m thankful. Our bowling league ends in three more weeks (YAY YAY YAY YAY) and our table group bible study is slowing down too.  I’m so glad that we’ll have the summer together as more of a family… Julia is going to need lotsa extra TLC before and after this summer!

Our office is hideous.  I’d love nothing more than to clean this room up and get it organized.  I tackeled the storage basement two weeks ago and have loved it ever since.  I actually don’t mind working down there anymore, because everything has a home and it’s so easy to work with.  But, this room – the office – just screams HELP ME.  I hear it everyday just begging for help, but I always manage to put it off.  If I would just get started in here, I know I could do a really good job and keep it clean for a little while. Plus, I’d be way more efficient at my work.  But, UGH, how do you get started with such a HUGE task?  I need a dumpster, some organizing buckets with lids, and three hours with no hubby and no kid.  I think I could do it, then.

The weather is so wacky!  Two weeks ago, I was actually wearing shorts.  Last week, I froze my ass off in three layers of clothes.  Last night and Friday night, it totally snowed!  Today, right now- hubby is mowing the lawn in shorts and a t-shirt and I can’t wait for Julia to wake up so we can go to the park.  I don’t understand it at all!  This is BFE Kansas, it’s supposed to be somewhat predictable!  (let me quickly mention as a sidenote that I’m not very homesick right now – as Colorado has been BELTED with snow this winter and have just gotten it again.  I envied CO at first, I’d give my right leg to play in some fluffy white snow – but I’m glad that our crap is melting right away and that we have days of sunshine!)

Blog envy.  I want to be a better blogger.  I want to include pictures and stories. I want to have an awesome mommy Christian blog that is filled with pictures and stories and lots of fun fu-fu.  I just don’t know how to get it done!  I want a cool blog! ARGH!

Baby envy.  One awesome blogger on my blogroll, Chelle, just had her baby boy Ethan.  Okay, this is kind of old news but I haven’t been around here much lately.  I lurk her blog at least daily – sometimes multiple times a day.  I’m envious that she’s spending time with her newborn baby OUTSIDE the womb.  She’s still blogging it up with great pictures and stories and I so want to be able to do that.  Congrats, Chelle, you’re totally awesome.

Still busy and Still tired and Still thankful

March 28, 2007


I don’t think I have any considerable updates for you but I feel as though I’ve been a bit neglectful so I’ll post something to let you know I’m still suckin air.

We still stay busy as ever around here – which I guess is good because that’s normal, and normal is always good. But I’m still exhausted, even tho the first trimester is supposed to be officially over. I could use about 12 hours of sleep MORE per night, it seems.

I’m so glad I have a good, responsible, loving husband. He is the world to me – especially when I get lazy about showing him how much I care about him. He cooks, he cleans, he entertains and I wub him dearly.

Julia had an ENT appointment today. In May, it will have been one year ago that she got her tubes in her ears. The tubes have been a GOD SEND. If you have a little one with ear infection problems and are on the fence about the big surgery, I will push you over the fence and tell you to go get the tubes tomorrow. She has not had a single problem since the surgery and today, her hearing test had PERFECT results. Thank GOD.

Thursday is my next OB appointment. I’m anxious for it, even though it will just be the usual – wait 20 minutes in the waiting room, go in to pee in a cup, lay down to hear the heartbeat, then go home excited. Hubby seems to be sooooo seasoned at this kind of thing – he still gets excited but not nearly as much as he did with my pregnancy with Julia. I hope he’s just waiting to know the sex before he gets all jazzed up again. I keep trying to talk nursery deco and baby names with him – but he doesn’t budge much. Again, I hope that’s just a temporary slump because, damnit, I’m ready to be all excited again.


March 16, 2007

Work Blahs

Remember this pathetic post I wrote  a week ago?  Well, all that has officially been taken care of.  All it took was a few frustrating days in a row for me and the guts to say something, and I walked out of work singing the Dora song “I did it! I did it! I did it… YAY!”  (Watch TV much?)

Long story short(er)….  I’ve been doing childcare for about 7 years now (more if you include babysitting jobs) and I consider myself experienced.  After having my own PreK classroom at Primrose, I was a childcare licensing inspector for the State of Colorado.  I know lots of licensing rules and concentrate a little too much on health and safety of the kids. (Yes, its possible to be OVERLY concerned with these issues… kids are kids! We need to let them be kids once in a while… instead of constantly reminding them that they didn’t wash their hands for long enough or need to push in their chairs.)

Anyway, since my current employer was still convinced that I was up for the awesome job offer that begins in the Fall, she had me out doing “observations.”  Observations are required in Kansas for all childcare workers to start out – I never had to do them because I started out in childcare in Colorado.  But, according to Kansas, I’m only director certified for up to 12 kids, and my boss wanted to have 15 enrolled in the classroom this Fall.  So, Kansas said I needed to complete 5 classroom observations to increase my capacity.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to sit in on other teachers teaching preschool kids in quiet observations.  I’d much rather play and sing songs and be a teacher-type than sit quickly as if I’m the new kid fresh outta high school.

At any rate (guess it wasn’t long story SHORT, now was it?) … it’s been a throughly annoying week for me, and I marched into work today, took my boss lady into her office closed the door and said with my words: “I am officially turning down your offer and will not be teaching in the Fall.”   WHOA was I relieved.  And, she wasn’t surprised.  She said that she wasn’t running around with blinders on – that she knew childcare costs would be outrageous for me to stay there, but she wanted ME to come to HER officially to give her the word.   It makes sense… she didn’t want to give MY job away without my turning it down first.  My boss is so freiking cool.

When I told her about my plans to open preschool out of my house after the peanut is born, she said “That sounds logical and sound.  You’d do great and I know you’d keep parents happy and kids happier.”   Once again, my boss is so freiking cool.

So, She’s still sending me on my fifth observation – which is tomorrow –  just to make it official.  I will be licensed for up to 24.  That will be a nice piece of paper to show prospective customers in October when I’m ready to open my home.

Pregnancy Blahs

I’m still pregnant, which is amazing and exciting and praise-to-God-worthy!  I’m feeling the little squirt move around, which is awesome and amazing and something I missed feeling immediately after Julia was born.  I’m still excited about being pregnant and having another kiddo running around this house.

But I’m tired and crabby and fat-feeling and hungry and thirsty and tired.

I’m so tired of being tired.  I’m so sleepy ALL THE TIME.  I remember, when I was preggo with Julia, I slept all day everyday (I worked from home… for the government, LOL) and it was nice and much needed.  I was a night owl – taking care of household and work related responsibilities at night.  I slept whenver I wanted (just about) and enjoyed every single second of it.

But, now I have a toddler.  And I’m pregnant again.  And I’m so tired.  And I can’t sleep.  I’m busy.  I have two jobs. And a husband and a dog and a kid.  And all I want is to crawl into bed with my pillow and my duckie and fall asleep and never wake up until dinnertime.

There. That feels better having said it.  Now, don’t go leaving me a comment saying that the 2nd trimester will be better and that I’ll back to my normal self in now time, yadda yadda.  And whatever you do, do NOT leave me a comment along the lines of “you think it’s bad now… wait till the kid gets here.”  I will seriously kick your ass.   Instead, leave me a comment telling me that you feel my pain and you’re sending me a clone of myself so that one of me can enjoy life with my daughter and my husband while the other one of me takes care of the peeing and sleeping and eating part until the second is born.

Once again, thanks for listening.

The cats out of the bag – there’s a bun in the oven!

February 16, 2007

Well, after a long three week wait, we’ve decided to finally make our news public.  We are (finally!) pregnant!  I give you this news with some excitement, much hesitation, some fear, and a little guilt. (I know you know who you are, I’m sorry that I’m pregnant and you’re not.)  We saw our peanut on Monday … heartbeat and everything. 🙂   I have a few prayer requests for you to keep in mind.

` Pray that the baby is healthy and happy and is able to grow into a healthy newborn.

` Pray that I can ditch some selfish eating habits (hellloooo sweets!) and start eating better for the bun in the oven

` Pray that those childless mothers out there won’t lose hope or excitement over the miracle of a baby. That those women out there who are longing for the experience will find their two pink lines soon.

` Pray for Rich, as he endures another long nine months with a hormonal wife, AND a testing toddler. (okay, the toddler isn’t that bad – but I couldn’t take ALL the blame for the stress and tension that happens around here)

` Pray for yourselves – that your prayers are heard and are in line with God’s will.

Thanks 🙂  That said, we had a scare on Monday – I started bleeding a little. We went into the doctors for a sonogram, and everything looked good.  I’m still spotting very lightly – which I know can be totally normal.  But, given that we miscarried the last one, our nerves are very short.  We cannot wait until we have three months “under the belt” (har har) so that we can celebrate the pregnancy and not live it in fear.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Leave me a comment to congratulate!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy

January 11, 2007

Wanna hear somethings stupid?

1) I played hooky yesterday and took the day off even though I was feeling okay.  I justify it by the fact that Julia could still be contageous and I had to stay home with her.  But, it made me feel incredibly guilty and I then insisted that I go to work today regardless of how crummy my morning feels (i always wake up crummy in the mornings because of sinus drainage…)   It’s kinda stupid to stay home FOR YOUR KIDDO and then feel guilty about it. Wtf?

2) Work called me at 1pm yesterday to say “hey – hope you’re feeling better just wanted to let you know that we have tomorrow covered for ya – you don’t have to come in since you’re not feeling well.”  Suddenly, I sounded like I was dying and in such pain from my little cold as I said “uuugg, okaaayyy  are you shooore? thanxx yeah i’ll stay homb”  All the while, I felt awful (not because I’m sick, but because I have good work ethics and morals)  and sooo UNchristian.

3) So, what did I do today? (On my BIRTHDAY?) Yeah, I woke up, took a shower, got ready then called work “hey just wanted to let ya know I got some real good sleep last night and can come in if you need me!” I was hoping with all hope that they’d be all ‘ahh, no its ok we totally have it covered, we weren’t countin on you at all’  …instead, “really? Great! We really need you.. 4 others have called in today… Thats awesome, see ya soon!”

Ugh – who calls in to work… to work?? and on their birthday???

me, evidently.

On top of all that – I hadn’t been there all week so the kids were WILD and out of routine.

On top of THAT, even, QRS accredidation came to observe for threeeee hourrrs.

I’m glad to be  home. I get to have a happy birthday now!  I’m so glad I won’t work 10 hour days anymore.  Now c’mon – it IS de-lurking week.  Come out, de-lurk, and leave me a Happy Birthday comment!

On my mind

December 6, 2006

I have four things on my mind:
1) KS does vehicle registration WAY different than Colorado.  We have to renew ours every December because our last name begins with “T” ..weird.  Anyway, I received the stickers for two of three of our vehicles, and not for the third vehicle.  I called and called and came to the conclusion that it was stolen.  BLAH.  Now, I have to get a police report to get new sticker for my plates.  What a pain.

2) Julia fell asleep on the floor upstairs while I was downstairs cleaning the office. It was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.  Was I really gone long enough that she felt she needed to curl up and fall asleep? I was only gone for about 7 minutes. I hated seeing her all curled up trying to stay warm – asleep on the FLOOR in front of her toys.  But, I loved picking her up and having her cuddle me on the way to her bed. Aww…

3) I’m playing hookey today.  I’m so ready to win the lottery or something so I can quit my daycare job and be a stay at home wife and mommy.   I’m all about traditional husband/wife roles – I want to put dinner on the table for hub every night (maybe if I had to do that, I’d be a better cook?)  Oh well.

4) I HAVE to plug air1Air1 is so great.  I love Air1.  I listen to Air1 all the time.  No, I’m not getting paid for this advertisement.  I just really really like Air1.   It’s alternative Christian rock.  Its awesome. Thank you, Air1.

This n That

November 29, 2006

I have about a bazillion things to share with you, none of which you’re likely going to care much about – but some of it is good gossip nonetheless.


An issue on my plate

November 14, 2006

There’s a fine line between having a close group of friends and a clique.  When you work with many (say, 35 or so) people, there will inevitably be groups of friendships that begin to form as people begin to learn about each other and find commonalitites.  This is completely healthy, normal and expected, especially in a church.

But when a close group of 6-8 friends start closing their circle off to others, walls are created and gossip tends to begin.

This is what I’m dealing with right now inside my own ministry area of the church.  The children’s ministry department is so big, so strong, and so healthy right now – except for one open wound that exists among a very opinionated group of girls.  It’s hurting me inside, and I wonder if it’s hurting because a group of people are missing out on so much by not being open to ways and suggestions of others, or because I’m among the “out” crowd.

I did catch myself feeling as though I’m trying to be “popular” again – and then I appropriately shunned myself and prayed and remembered that my job is to empower and support the team.   I have absolutely no desire to paint a picture of myself that is ridden with gossip or malice.

It’s hard to sit back while gossip lingers.  I believe that God is testing my ability to be a Christian leader.  I catch myself stooping to their level as I’ve voiced my concern to everybody that’s close to me, and then here on this blog.  But, I’m going to take this lesson in stride and do what I think is right – which is to “kill them with kindness.”  I’m going to quit thinking about it and just do my job.  I’ll quit talking about it and focus instead on the good in the ministry, which is the 30 or so other friends within the ministry at this point.

I just wish it was as easy done as said, sometimes.